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Male Reproductive System

Amenorrhea a lack of the monthly flow or menustration
Azoospermia a condition in which there is a lack of spermatooza in the semen
Cervicitis inflammation of the uterine cervix
Cryptorchism a condition in which the testes fail to descend into the scrotum
Epididymitis inflammation of the epididymis
Gynecology the study of female
Gynecomastia a condition of excessive development of the mammary glands in the male
Heterosexual pertaining to the opposite sex; refers to individual who has a sexual preference for the opposite sex
Hysterectomy surgical excision of the uterus
Mammography process of obtaining pictures of the breast by the use of x-rays
Menarche the beginning of the monthly flow; menses
Menopause cessation of the monthly flow; also called climacteric
Mittelschmerz abdominal pain that occurs midway between the menstrual periods at ovulation
Oligomenorrhea a scanty monthly flow
Oophorectomy surgical excision of an ovary
Orchidectomy surgical excision of a testicle
Orchidopexy surgical fixation of a testicle
Phimosis a condition of the narrowing of the opening of the prepuce wherein the foreskin cannot be drawn back over the glans penis
Primipara a woman who is bearing her first child
Prostatitis inflammation of the prostate
Prostatomegaly enlargement of the prostate
Retroversion the process of being turned backward, such as the displacement of the uterus with the cervix pointed forward
Salpingitis inflammation of the fallopian tube
vasectomy surgical excision of the vas deferens
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