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White Module

Female Reproduction System Review Questions

Describe ovulation. *ovum ripens *mature follicles rupture *releases ovum *hormone levels are high
Describe the ovulatory phase. *days 6-14 *endometrium thickens *ova matures *ovulation occurs
Name and describe the three parts of the uterus. Fundus-upper rounded part Body-the central part Cervix-opens into the vagina
Name and describe the three stages of labour and childbirth. Dilation-begins with uterine contractions Expulsion-complete cervical dilation to birth of baby Placenta stage-placenta is discharged from the uterus
What are the external genitalia of the female reproductive system? *labia *clitoris *Bartholin glands *mons pubis
What are the functions of estrogen and progesterone? *influence menstrual cycle and menopause *prepare uterus for implantation *help maintain pregnancy *promote growth of placenta *develop secondary sex characteristics
What are the internal organs of the female reproductive system? *ovaries *fallopian tubes *uterus *vagina
What is an embryo? What is a fetus? *up to the third month of pregnancy *third month to time of birth
What is dysmenorrhea? *menstrual pain and tension
What is endometriosis? *the presence of functional endometrial tissue in areas outside the uterus
What is menarche? *initial menstrual period
What is menorrhagia? *profuse or prolong bleeding during regular menstruation
What is PID? *internal inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes
What is vaginitis? *itching, painful intercourse, foul smelling discharge, urthritis
What type of infection is candidiasis? *yeast infection
When is menopause diagnosed? *if amenorrha has persisted for one year
Where are the Bartholin glands located? *outside of the vagina
Where does fertilization take place? *fallopian tubes
What are the three phases of the menstrual cycle? *menstrual *ovulation *post ovulatory
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