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World History Exam

Review for Exam Semester 1

What is world history? history of human race from the earliest time to present.
Periodization Time frame of something being studied
Inter-Region between two regions
Basic features found in civilization cities, writing, organized government, complex religions, job specialization, social class, art and architecture,and public work.
Difference between Pastoral Nomads and Hunter-Gatherer Pastoral Nomads move less frequently and stay in one are. Hunters-gathers move often.
Most important geographic feature for civilization. Lakes and rives
Where would you fins Islam Everywhere besides Northern Europe
Where would you find Hinduism Asia
Agricultural Revolution Changes in our farming and way of producing goods.
What is an empire group of states or territory ruled by one government
What is the sacred text of the Muslim faith Quaran
Can be led by an good Muslim Sunni
Section of Islam believe in a more mystical form of religion Sufi
Section of Islam believes that the leaders must be direct descendant of Muhammad Shiite
Christian section believes in a traditional and ceremonial form of its faith Orthodox Christianity
monotheism believes in one god
polytheism believes in multiple gods
Created by: jmaresh_hodge