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Midterm Study Guide

Chapters 10 to 14

The Holy book for Islam is the... Qur'an
The leader of religious services for Islam is the... Imam
The Muslims believe the last and greatest prophet is... Muhammad
What ethical values are similar in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism? Love, compassion, respect, and honesty
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all believe that there is how many gods? 1 God
Abraham is the founder of... All 3 Monotheistic Religions
What division of Islam believe that only one relative of Muhammad is qualified to be the leader or caliph? Shiites
Places that made advances in literature, medicine, science, and math were... Muslim centers of learning
The Muslim civilization are most known for the development of what field of mathematics? Algebra
The holy day of the week for Islam is... Friday
Sunday is the holy day for which religion? Christianity
The holy day of the week for Judaism is... Saturday
The Shari'a are the customs and laws of which religion? Islam
Islam means... to submit to God
What is the religious meaning behind Good Friday in Christianity? The Crucifixion
The Temple is the house of worship for which religion? Judaism
In Judaism, the leader of religious services is the... Rabbi
For Christianity, there can be... Multiple leaders for the religious services based on the branch of Christianity followed
The Church is the house of worship for which religion? Christianity
In Islam, the fasting from sunrise to sunset for a month is called what? Ramadan
In the Islamic religion, there is no separation between... Religion and government
For Judaism, the holiest day of the year is... Yom Kippur
Justinian's Code of Law was... The body of civil law created for the Byzantine Empire
The use of icons was at the center of the split between the Roman Catholic Church and... the Eastern Orthodox
Constantinople commanded key trade routes that linked Asia and... Europe
The Hagia Sophia was intended to be... The world's most beautiful Church
Constantinople was the capital of the New Rome a.k.a... The Byzantine Empire
The Abbasids ruled which empire? The Muslim Empire
Ivan III used the title... czar
The Russian rulers continued the use of absolute power after what empire ruled Russia? The Mongol Empire
The disruption of trade, and the Bubonic Plague are two examples of why... The Byzantine Empire declined
The Byzantine Church became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church after... The Great Schism
The Seljuks converted to... Islam
The Persian culture influenced the... Seljuks
The Byzantine Empire and the Mongolian Empire most influenced the development of... Russia
The development of the longbow made 14 years of training unimportant, therefore causing the decline of... The Age of Chivalry
As a result of the Hundred Years' War... The longbow was developed
The increase in food during the second Agricultural Revolution caused... An increase in poulation
The people most responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague were... Traders
To resolve the Great Schism, all 3 popes were forced to resign, and... A new pope was elected
More money was available for building businesses due to... The Commercial Revolution
Craft guilds did not allow you to... Borrow or loan money
The Normans controlled England as a result to... The Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror lead... The Normans
The Hundred Years' War caused the development of... National loyalties in England and France
The Magna Carta guaranteed... Basic legal rights
The Magna Carta originally only applied to... Nobles
The Parliament was the name of... The legislative body of medieval England
Simony was... The selling of Church positions
When kings appointed Church officials, this was known as... Lay investiture
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