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MOA 140

Week 4 MT Words

acr/o height
albumin albumin, protein
amputate to remove surgically by cutting as a limb
a/nem/ia deficiency in the amount of quality of red blood corpuscles or of hemoglobin in the blood
an/esthesi/ologist physician who specializes in the study and administration of anesthetics
a/neur/ysm localized dilation of the wall of an artery, forming a pulsating sac and usually accompanied with pain
append/ectomy surgical removal of the appendix
arterio/gram x-ray picture of an artery
arterio/sclerosis thickening or hardening of the walls of an artery, with impairment of blood circulation
arthr/itis inflammation of a joint
a/spir/ate withdraw by suction
a/stigmat/ism distorted vision caused by an uneven curvature of the cornea
audi/ologist physician who specializes in the treatment of those with hearing problems
aut/ism lack of response to external activities
auto/(o)psy postmortem exam of a person to determine cause of death
bronch/itis inflammation of the bronchial tubes
buli/(e)mia disorder involving overeating followed by self-induced vomiting
burs/itis inflammation of any fluid filled sacs within the body that tend to lessen friction between movable parts
botul/ism poisoning caused by eating spoiled or improperly prepared or canned food and characterized by acute GI and nervous disorders
cardi/ologist physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease
col/itis inflammation of the colon
dermat/ologist physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders
electro/myo/gram graph recording of the electrical activity of a muscle
eti/ologist physician specializing in studying the cause of diseases
cryo/surgery freezing of the skin
hallucin/ogen drug or chemical capable of inducing hallucinations
hemat/oma blood tumor
immune/ologist specialist in the study of immune system
lymph/angio/gram x-ray of lymph nodes after injection of fluid
labryrinth/itis inflammation of the labyrinth of the inner ear
mammo/graphy x-ray exam of the breasts
onc/ologist specialist in diagnosis and treatment of tumors
ot/itis media inflammation of the middle ear
post/partum after childbirth
acid/osis chemical imbalance in the blood marked by an excess of acid, sometimes affecting diabetics and possibly leading to a diabetic coma
acro/megaly disorder of the pituitary gland which is characterized by an enlarged head, hands, or feet
acro/phobia fear of heights
albumin/uria presence of protein in the urine
angio/rrhexis rupture of a blood vessel
phlebo/sclerosis fibrous hardening of a vein's walls
fasci/ectomy excision of fascia
ankyl/urethr/ia stricture or imperf-oration of the urethra
albin/ism a genetic condition where there is partial or total absence of pigment in skin, hair, and eyes
US ultrasound
UTI urinary tract infection
Bib, bib drink
OC oral contraceptive
Created by: nyanis