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Midterm Review

The Muslim civilization was most known for the development of what field of mathematics? algebra
What does Islam mean? to submit to God
What is the body of civil law created for the Byzantine Empire? Justinian's Code
The main reason for the split in the church was over the debate of what? icons
What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire? Constantinople
What was the title of Ivan III? czar
What religion did the Seljuks convert to? Islam
What culture most influenced Seljuk culture? Persian culture
What caused devastation which caused both the destruction and led to the collapse of Medieval society? The Bubonic Plague
What impact did the second Agricultural Revolution have on Medieval society? Increased population
What group of people were most responsible for the spread of the Bubonic Plague? Traders
Whose rights were the Magna Carta originally supposed to defend? the English nobility
Who led the Norman conquest of England? William the Conquerer
What is simony? The selling of church positions
What was the main job of a squire? to serve a knight
Who was the pope that issued the first Crusade? Urban II
Who was the leader that brought Christianity to the Franks? Clovis
What is the main similarity between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? They are all monotheistic.
What is the holy book of Islam? the Qur'an
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad? He is the last and greatest prophet.
Ivan IV introduced what to Russian society? Feudalism and the Manor system
What language did most Byzantines speak? Greek
What kind of government did the Byzantine Empire have? Autocracy
Who was the most important Byzantine emperor? Justinian
Who was the most famous Seljuk sultan? Malik Shah
Created by: nickrs72