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WH MidTerm

10 questions for each chapter studied

What is the key difference between Shiites and Sunnis? how their leader is chosen and their role
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad? He was the last and greatest prophet
How were Muslim centers of learning best described? places that made advances in science, medicine, literature, and mathematics
What field of mathematics did Muslims develop? Algebra
What does Islam mean? to submit to G-d
There is no separation between what two parts of Muslim life? religion an government
What is the Jewish holy day of the week? Saturday
What is the house of worship for Christians called? church
What is the holy month were Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset called? Ramadan
Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all what type of religion? monotheism
What was the main reason the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches spilt? idols
What was the body of created for the Byzantine empire called? Justinian's code
What was the capitol of the Byzantine Empire called? Constantinople
The Mongols ruling over Russia led the Russian leaders to continue the Mongols' use of what? absolute power/rule
What did the byzantine Empire contribute to the world today? preservation of Christianity and Greek and Roman knowledge
The Persians caused what to happen to the Seljuk Empire? the empire weakened and the Persian culture flourished
Which two groups greatly influenced Russia? Byzantine and Mongol
What is one cause of the Byzantine Empire's decline? bubonic plague
What title did Ivan III use? czar
The Seljuks converted to what religion? Islam
What caused the Age of Chivalry to decline? the invention of the longbow
What was a key cause of the decline of the Middle Ages? Great Schism
The Second Agricultural Revolution impacted what in Medieval society? increase in population
The Hundred Years' War caused what to develop in England and France? national identities
How did the Battle of Hastings change the course of English history? Normans took control of England
What did the Magna Carta guarantee? basic legal rights
The major cause of the Great Schism was? arguments over which man holding the position of pope was the true pope
What is the name of the legislative body in England called? parliament
What was one of the problems identified by church reformers? simony
The main goal of the Crusade was? to capture the holy land and city from the Muslims
What was one of the main reasons for the Western Roman Empire's decline? barbarian attacks
What does inflation mean? large drop in money and rise in the price of goods
What type of government was Rome? republic
Who was also known as Charles the Great and was heir to the Frankish kingdom? Charlemagne
The most powerful person in the Frankish kingdom was called? major domo
What treaty was signed by the three sons of Louis the Pious? Treaty of Verdun
Pepin the Short started which dynasty? Carolingian
What was one of the main reasons feudalism developed in Europe? control of land
The Vikings were _________ Germanic
A to the was paid to whom? a priest
Were Magyars Turkish nomads? yes
What were troubadours? poet-musicians
Noblewomen were supposed to be ___________ delicate and weak
What was one of a knights three masters? his lady
At what age did a boy become a knight? 21
Define chivalry code of ideals that required for knights to be loyal and fight bravely for his lady, feudal lord, and heavenly lord
Lay investiture was ___________ a king appointing church officials
What does canon law mean? law of the church
Who weakened the Western Roman Empire's military? mercenaries
Did moral standards increase or decrease when the Western Roman Empire was falling? decrease
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