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Midterm StudyGuide

This is a study guide for the midterm

What was the first Great Schism? The decision over which of the three acting popes was the true pope
What caused the split between Eastern and Western Christianity? The use of icons
What was the Feudal System? A system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations
Flying buttresses are Flying Buttresses
Charlemagne united small Germanic Kingdoms
what was the cause of the Hundred Years War? The claim to the French throne
The end of chivalry Was the result of the longbow
The Bubonic plague killed a third of the Earth's population
Pope Urban II called for the crusades
The decline of the roman empire was not caused by one person
the new capital of Rome, was Constantinople
Justinian's Code was a reform of roman law
Gothic Architecture included stained glass windows
Autocracy is when a ruler controls both religion and government
The Goal of the crusades was to take back the holy land
Russia was formed with a combination of the Rus and the Slavs
Russian leaders were called tsars
Created by: kenny220