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chapter 6

study guide

A person who owned and controlled all of the land in a colony is called a Proprietor
Someone who is chosen to speak and act for others is a Representative
An official agreement between nations or groups is called a Treaty
How did the colony of New York get its name? The king of England named the colony after his brother, the Duke of York. Later on he changed it to New York
How did the proprietors of New York and New Jersey control their far away property? To pick a governer to rule over the colony
The colony of Pennsylvania was founded by who? William Penn
What does the name " Pennsylvania" mean? " Penn's Woods"
Pennsylvania was founded as a refuge for Quakers
How did Penn govern his colony? He created laws that allowed colonists to voice their opinions and worship freely
How did he treat the Indians He treated the Indians with respect
Who was Benjamin Franklin and what were 3 things he did for Philadelphia Was Philadelphia's most famous citizen \ he founded the union fire co./ he helped start their first public library / and hospital
An economy where people decide what goods will be produced is a Free market economy
An economic system in which people may start any business that they believe will succeed is called a Free enterprise
A person who is skilled at making something by hand is an Artisan
A laborer is A person who does hard physical work
An apprentice is A person who studies with a master to learn a new skill or business
Why did the middle colonies have such a diverse population Religious tolerance and inexpensive farmland
What made the middle colonies a good place for farming The good soil and climate
What kinds of things did farmers grow in the middle colonies Veggies fruits corn livestock barley and wheat
Why were the middle colonies know as the bread basket Because they grew so much grain
Why were Philadelphia and New York the 2 largest and most important cities in the middle colonies Because they where port cities and centers of shipping and trade
Another word for a very large farm on which crops are raised by workers living on the farm is Plantation
A group of people with the power to make and change laws is a Legislature
Another word for a safe place is a Refuge
A person who owes money is a Debtor
Which Southern colony was the largest and had the first elected government Virginia
What was this elected government called in the above colony? the house of burgesses
another name for a representative is a burgess
why was the colony of Maryland founded catholics in England were often punished for their religious beliefs and lord Baltimore wanted them to have a safe place to live
why did the southern part of Carolina grow more quickly than the northern part of Carolina the southern area had good farm land and many excellent
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