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South and east Asia

South and East asia - 1

Which marks the Indus River? Where is it located? 7; The Indus River is a major river in Asia which flows through Pakistan. It also has courses through western Tibet and Northern India.
Which marks the Bay of Bengal? Where is it located? l; The Bay of Bengal is located south of India between India's borders and China. The Bay of Bengal, the largest bay in the world, forms the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean
Which feature is marked by the "4"? These Mountains are located in the northeastern part of India and pass through several countries including Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan. Himalayan Mountains
Which feature is marked by the "3"? lies in the territory of the People's Republic of China and Mongolia Empire, and as the location of several important cities along the Silk Road. Gobi Desert
Which marks the Mekong River? 9; The Mekong River is located in Southeast Asia. It runs from the Tibetan plateau, through the Yunnan province in China,
Which river flows through India and Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal? Ganges
Why the Himalayas are called the "roof of the world"? The world's highest mountains are found in this area.
What is the MOST LIKELY reason that some of the largest deserts in this World are found to the north of the Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan
what is a Plateau? These high mountains and plateau block rains and moisture that would come from the seas further to the south.
What are the two great deserts found in China? Gobi and Taklamakan
Why is the Huang He River referred to as the Yellow River? Yellowish dust from the desert blows into the water and gives it a yellow color.
What is loess? silt that is carried in river water
Why is the Huang He sometimes called "China's Sorrow"? Floods along this river often cause great suffering.
Which river is the longest in China? Yangtze
What is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River? Hong Kong
Which river runs south from Tibet to Vietnam and the South China Sea? Mekong
What is the name for a body of land that is surrounded by water on three sides? peninsula
Which country is a peninsula? Korea
Which country is marked by a "I"? China
Which country is marked by a "7"? Vietnam
Which marks North Korea? 5
Which marks Indonesia? 3
Into which country does the Ganges River flow after it leaves India? Bangladesh
Where does the Ganges River flow into the sea? Bay of Bengal
Which is true about the Ganges River? Many people use the river for transportation as well as a water supply.
How has India's need to develop more industry ended up creating problems along the Ganges River? Factories along the river dump industrial waste and chemicals into the river every day.
How has the Indian practice of cremating their dead been a problem for the river? The bodies of dead animals, as well as the ashes of human beings, have been placed in the river causing pollution.
What was the purpose of the Ganges Action Plan begun in the 1980s? to try and clean up the river R to bring an end to the cremations
Why has the Indian government had such a hard time making much progress in cleaning up the Ganges River? India's combination of growing population and run-off from farming makes it hard to see much progress in controlling pollution
Why is the Yangtze River so important to the population and economy of China? It supplies millions of people with water for drinking, irrigation, and industrial uses.
Into what body of water does the Yangtze flow? East China Sea
What are some of the main causes of high levels of nitrogen in the waters of the Yangtze River? The chemicals used in fertilizers run from the fields into the river.
Which is one of the most common industrial pollutants found in the Yangtze River? arsenic
Why did the Chinese government decide to go ahead with the Three Gorges Dam project along the Yangtze River? China's people needed a reliable source of hydroelectric power.
How would building sanitary landfills along the Yangtze River help reduce pollution in the water? The garbage could go into landfills instead of into the river.
Why are India's urban areas having a problem with air pollution? The rapidly growing population, heavy industry, and thousands of automobiles have caused the problem
How is air pollution a problem in rural areas? Millions of people cook over wood or coal fires.
What has been the effect of the heavily polluted "brown clouds" that are now common in some parts of India? Rainfall has decreased and temperatures are cooler.
Why has the Indian government had problems reducing air pollution? They do not want to slow economic growth.
When Beijing, China was awarded the 2008 Olympics, which environmental issue was a big concern for many of the athletes? the city's air pollution
Which contributes to air pollution problems in China? use of coal-burning power plants for energy
Which is a leading cause of death in China? respiratory and heart disease
What was the job of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the months before the 2008 Olympics? improve the city's air quality
Why is acid rain dangerous to the environment? can harm plants and animals
What economic argument does the World Bank make to urge countries to do whatever they need to do to clean up serious environmental problems quickly? The long-term costs of pollution are often more expensive than the clean-up effort would be.
The climate of India is affected by seasonal winds called? . monsoons.
Where do most of the people of India live? along the great rivers and fertile valleys
What is the best way to describe the climate of China? combination of all of these
Where do most Chinese live? area of the country with milder climates
Which has a major effect on the climate of Japan? ocean currents
What is the best way to describe the geography and climate of North Korea? mountainous and cool
What is the best way to describe the geography and climate of South Korea? mix of mountains and river valleys and mild temperatures
How have the mountain ranges in northern India affected the country's development? The mountain ranges have often protected India from northern invaders.
Why do so many of the people of India live in the Ganges River Valley? The river provides fertile soil for farming.
Why do most of the people of North Korea live in the western half of the country? The area has more farmland and fewer mountains.
Why do almost 25 percent of the people in South Korea live in and around Seoul? The city provides markets, jobs, and education not available in rural areas.
How have the farmers of Japan been able to raise crops in land that is very mountainous? They have built farming terraces along the mountain slopes.
How do the Japanese feed their people with so little good farmland? the Japanese depend on fishing and imported food.
Which is an example of a natural resource? deposit of coal
Which describes an ethnic group? people with a shared language, religion, or culture
Which describes a religious group? people who share the same religious beliefs
What part of the people in South Korea are Buddhists? 23%
Which explains information from the graph? Most South Koreans practice some form of religion.
Which religion is considered one of the oldest in the world? Hinduism
What is the name of the Hindu sacred text? Vedas
What is the Hindu belief in reincarnation? the belief that a soul returns to life in another body after death
What is the Hindu belief in Karma? that one's actions determine one's fate
How long do Hindus believe a soul will be reincarnated? It will be reincarnated until the soul lives a life good enough to be united with Brahman.
What is the caste system? the belief that social class is hereditary
Where was the religion of Buddhism founded? India
Who was the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
What does "Buddha" mean? Enlightened One
What do Buddhists believe people need to do to be happy and find peace? They are to give up greed and greedy desires.
What Buddhist teaching shows its followers the correct way to live their lives? The Middle Way
How did the first Muslims come to Southern and Eastern Asia? Muslim invaders entered India in the 1500s AD.
What are the Five Pillars? Basic beliefs of Islam
What is the name of the Muslim holy book? Qur'an
Islam is considered a monotheistic religion because followers believe in only one god.
In which country was Shintoism founded? Japan
What are the kami that are so important in Shinto belief? They are spirits that followers of Shinto believe exist in things all around them.
How do believers of Shinto practice their religion? They pray at small altars in their homes.
In which country was Confucianism founded? China
What did Confucius believe were the keys to social order and peace? Good character and virtue in the people
Which is Confucius' Golden Rule? What you do not like when done to you, do not to others."
How did Confucianism come to play an important role in Chinese society? Chinese emperor hired Confucian scholars in 121 BC to help organize his government
Why Confucianism is considered a philosophy instead of a religion? His teachings are more about ethics and behavior than about religious ideas.
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