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50 question for study stack

What was another name for the Eastern Roman Empire? Byzantine Empire
A government in which the leader/ruler controls both the religion and government is called what? autocracy
Justinian's Code was whose greatest accomplishment? Justinian
What was the Byzantine Empire's main reason for decline? Decline in trade because of the Crusades and Bubonic Plague.
The new capital of Rome was a perfect place for? trade
Constantinople was named after who? Constantine
Christianity was divided in two because of what? The issue over icons used in the church.
Justinian did what to all of Rome's laws? He reformed them.
Ivan IV was also known as Ivan the Terrible
The Mongolian Empire was a government based on what? Absolute power
What was the chief goal of the Crusades? to recover jerusalem and the holy land
The effect of the three- field system was that farmers produced more food and villagers had more to eat.
Which of the following best describes a guild? an association of people who worked at the same occupation
The magna carta guaranteed basic legal rights
All were characteristics of gothic architecture except very little light and rounded arches
The name of the legislative body of Medieval England was the Parliament
The central issue of the Hundred Years' War was the throne of France
The purpose of the Reconquista was to drive the Muslims out of Spain
Which of the following functions did guilds not perform? borrow and loan money
Whose rights did the Magna Carta originally intend to defend the English nobility
Frankish dynasty created by Charlemagne's father Carolingian Dynasty
A code of conduct knights followed Chivalry
Kings/Nobles, Bishops/Knights, Peasants Feudal pyramid
Important religious ceremonies Sacraments
Banishment from the church and not being able to go to Heaven Excommunication
Almost lost because of Germanic Invasions Feudalism
Who comes under a pope Bishop
Land given to a vassal fief
A knight served these things Earthly Lord, heavenly god, his chosen lady
A noble boy could become this at age 7 Page
What were the Mongols known for? Destructive raids, fierce conquests, but were not meddlesome
When the Mongols conquered Russia they formed what kind of state? Tributary
What was the model of government that Russia followed? Absolute power
The ruler who united Mongol nomads was who? Genghis Khan
Political instability in Russia was caused by the division of who? Yaroslavs
The major dispute between both parts of christianity was over what? The use of icons
Eastern Christianity is Eastern Orthodox
Western Christianity is Roman Catholicism
The very first settlement that became the center of early russian civilization was Kiev
The Mamelukes were once originally Slaves
The government of the Western Roman Empire was based on Despotism
Where did the Barbarians attack from? Germanic from western part, Mongols from north.
A civil war broke out between which two classes? Plebeians, and Patricians
What led to political instability? Poor leadership
Why were mercenaries bad? No loyalty to Rome
What led to poverty? High taxes, and inflation
What decreased in people? Moral standards
Why did Rome's military weaken? low funds for defense
How did the economy in the Western Roman Empire get worse? Disruption of trade
How did politics lead to the fall of the Roman Empire (Western) Moving of capital to Byzantium
Created by: Charles Bubbles