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Mid-term quiz

What was the capital of the Byzantine or New Rome Empire? Constantinople
Which civilizations most influenced the development of Russia? Byzantine & Mongols
What type of rule did the Mongols use that influenced Russians? Absolute rule
After the Great Schism, the Byzantine Empire was also known as: Eastern Orthodox
Constantinople connected which continents through trade? Asia and Europe
Which of the following was the body of civil law created for the Byzantine Empire? Justinian's Code
Who led the Russian state to become an empire? Ivan the Great/ Ivan III
What does Allah mean in Arabic? The belief on one God
What does Islam mean? Submission of the will to Allah
Who was the last strong Seljuk leader? Malik Shah
What is the main difference between the Sunni and Shiites? The belief of who shall rule the Muslims, Muhammad's descendents or people who follow his example.
What is a major similarity between Judaism, Christianity and Islam? the belief in one god
The use of what was the reason why the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church split? icons
Rahmmadan is a holy month to fast from sunrise to sunset for what religion? Islam
Another similarity between Judaism, Christianity and Islam is: ethical values
What legacy did the Byzantine Empire leave behind? Greek and Roman knowledge
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad? He is the last and greatest prophet
Why did the age of chivalry decline? The longbow and other new technology showed that learning to become a knight was useless if you could kill your opponents from a distance.
What culture most influenced the Seljuk culture? Persian Empire
What did the Magna Carta guarantee? Basic legal rights
What were the values knights followed in the code of chivalry? loyalty, respect, honesty, and bravery
What is feudalism? A system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations.
What were main problems in the Holy Roman Church? lay investiture, priests were marrying which is against the canon law and simony
What is the holy book of Islam? the Qu'ran
What division of Islam believes that only a relative of Muhammad is qualifies to be the leader or caliph? Shiites
How can Muslim centers of learning best be described? Places that made advancements in medicine, literature, art and mathematics
Saturday is the holy day of the week for what religion? Judaism
What is the house of worship for Muslims? a mosque
What church was built to be the world's most beautiful church? the Hagia Sophia
What events caused the Middle Ages to end? Bubonic Plague, Hundred Year's War, and the Great Schism.
The main controversy of the Hundred Year's War was: the throne of France
Who led the Norman conquest of England? William the Conqueror
What is a guild? An association of people who worked the same occupation.
What did the English royal courts of justice create? English common law
Who were the rulers of the Muslim Empire? the Abbasaids
What were the effects of the Germanic invasions? decline in cities, loss of common language, decline in trade and loss of Greek and Roman knowledge
Why was the church the most powerful institution during the early Middle Ages? the Church was the only group of people who were educated who could read and write.
What title did Ivan III use? Zar
What caused the decline of the Byzantine Empire? Mongols and Turks invaded Constantinople, disruption of trade, Bubonic Plague
What is a manor? The lord's estate in feudal Europe
The Great Schism was an argument of which man would hold the position of what? the Pope
True or false, the shared beliefs in the teachings of the church bounded people together? True
True or False, round arches, dark and gloomy are characteristics of a Gothic church? False
What is a Crusade? another name for a "holy war" to take control of the Holy Land
True or False, Urban the II called for a crusade to recover the holy land, Jerusalem? True
Who was Charles Martel? the mayor and most powerful person of the Frankish kingdom
What was the job of a page? to begin to practice fighting skills
What was the job of a squire? act as a servant to a knight
Where was the cultural center of Islamic learning? Baghdad, Damascus
What was the most important effect of the Hundred Years' war? what did it develop? Nationalism
Created by: gracem30