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muslim empire

What is a manor? self-sufficient unit
IWhat is inquisition A court used in Spain to persecute non christians
What is Chivalry code of conduct for knights
What is Papal Supremacy The pope has supreme authority over all knights and emperors
What is Lay Investiture When a king appoints church officials
What is a Guild an association of people with the same profession
What is Parliament the Legislative body of Medieval England
What is the Reconquista The policy of driving the muslims out of Spain
What is the Feudal System based on? A system of loyalties and protections
What was the most powerful institution of the middle ages? The church
Who were the three people knights fought for? Their lord, their god, their lady
What was the status of women in the middle ages? limited to the home and church
What was the main goal of the crusades? To recover the holy land and holy city
What did the Magna Carta grant to the nobles? basic legal rights
What was the major cause of the Great Schism? Arguments over who was the true pope
What was the central issue of the hundred years war? The throne of france
What city were they looking to capture during the crusades? Constantinople, eventually Jerusalem
What was Justinian's Code? The body of civil laws created for the roman empire
what is czar? Russian for King
What was the capital of new rome? Constantinople
What caused the split between the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches? use of Icons
The Abbasids ruled which empire? The Muslim Empire
What civilizations most influenced the development of russia? The Byzantine and Mongol Empire
What is Islam To submit to god
WHo are the Sunnis? The Group that believes that the leader of the muslims only has to be a good muslim
who are the Shiites? The group that believed that the Muslim leader must e a descendant from Muhammad
Why was the Hijrah important? Because Muhammad was accepted as a more important political leader.
What signaled the beginning of the the Middle ages? The decline of the Western Roman empire
Why did Germanic poeples invade the Roman Empire? A Jealousy over rome's power and wealth
Who was the feudal contract between? A contract between greater lord and a lesser lord?
How were feudalism and The manor system related? The manor system was the economic system that supported feudalism
Describe gothic architecture Pointed arches, ribbed vaults, stained glass windows
What caused the decline of the middle ages? Middle class develops, crusades, hundred years war.
What did the devastation of the bubonic plague lead to? The collapse of medival society
What are two important teachings that are common to all 3 faiths The belief in one God and some concept in an afterlife
Explain three issues that led to the desire to reform the medieval church Simony, lay investiture, and marrying of priests
Why did science make little progress in Europe during the Middle Ages Most scholars thought all knowledge must fit with church teachings
Define a mystic Someone who seeks devine wisdom and spiritual guidance
What does Caliph mean? successor
Created by: Liz Binetti