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Mid-Term Review

Chapters 10, 11, 13, and 14

Who was the last and greatest prophet? Muhammad
What is the name of the single God that Muslims worship? Allah
What is the definition of Islam? Submission to the will of Allah
What is the definition of Muslim? One who has submitted
What was the name of the migration that Muhammad traveled? The Hijrah
What was Yathrib soon renamed to? Medina
How many times must a Muslim pray each day? Five
What is the name of the Islamic house of worship? Mosque
What is the holy book of Islam? The Qur'an
What are the duties a Muslim must fulfill? The Five Pillars
What language is the holy book written in? Arabic
What is another term for a successor or a deputy? A caliph
What was the name of the family that moved the Muslim capital to Damascus? The Umayyads
The _____ believe that the first four caliphs were rightly guided. The Sunni
The _______ believe that all rulers must be descended from Muhammad. The Shiites
Which group of people rejected the luxurious life of the Umayyads? The Sufi
What was the name of the dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire? The Abbasids
What city was created in central Iraq? Baghdad
What would the wife of a poor man do? Work in the fields
What was the art of beautiful handwriting? Calligraphy
What is the form of mathematics that broke off of the technique al-jabr? Algebra
Who was the high ranking nobleman that ruled the Byzantine Empire? Justinian
The what was the body of civil law Justinian had created? Justinian's Code
What was the name of the church Justinian built? The Hagia Sophia
What was the capital of Byzantium? Constantinople
What was the name of the disease that wiped out most of the population? The Bubonic Plague
Why did Eastern and Western Christianity split? Over the use of icons
What was Russia's first unified settlement? Kiev
Who visited Constantinople? Princess Olga
What religion did Vladimir convert to? Christianity
Who was the son of Vladimir that took the throne in 1019 Yaroslav the Wise
What did Yaroslav accomplish? Building many churches and the first library
What was suddenly disrupted? Trade
What was the name of the group that attacked and burned Kiev? Mongols
Who led this group of fierce warriors? Genghis Khan
Who took the name "czar?" Ivan III
What was the act of selling positions? Simony
What was the act of kings appointing bishops? Lay investiture
What did serfs have to pay as a percentage to the chruch? A tithe
Who were the landowners? Lords
What were the name of people that received land? Vassals
What was the overall goal of the Inquisition and the Reconquista? To drive Muslims and non-Christians out of Spain
What was the plague that decreased the European population? The Bubonic Plague
Where did the Bubonic plague come from? Mongolian Rats
What were the 2 main types of guilds? Craft and Merchant guilds
What where the three main problems that occurred in the church? Priests marrying and having families, simony, and lay investiture
Who were the two popes that took action by making reforms? Pope Leo IX and Pope Gregory VII
What was the name of the law against simony? Canon law
What was a church constructed to resemble? A kingdom
What were three things that helped agriculture? Horsepower, the iron plow, and the three-field system
Created by: NNapier