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Chapter 15

Henry the navigatior Son of King John I, saw that Portugal needed a sea route to distant lands. Paid for voyages of exploration with ships that had a red cross on the sails meaning the search for new land and coverts to christianity
Vasco da Gama Lead four ships around the Cape of Good Hope.
Christopher Columbus persuaded Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to finance his enterprise of the Indies. Set sail in three small ships on August 3, 1492. The ships were pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Spanish adventurer who hacked a passage through the tropical forests of Panama with the help of Native Americans
Ferdinand Magelian Minor Portuguese noble who set out from Spain with five ships. Sailed south and west.
Cartographer mapmakers
astrolabe instrument developed by the ancient Greeks and perfected by the Arabs, to determine their latitude at sea.
caravel combined the square sails of European ships with Arab lateen, or triangular, sails.
scurvy disease caused by a lack of vitamin C in their diets during months at sea.
circumnavigate sail around the world.
pagan arose in the fertile rice-growing Irrawaddy Valley in present-day Myanmar.
anawrata Credited with bringing Buddhism to the Burman people.
Khmer reached its peak between 800 and 1350
Suryavarman II Built the great temple complex at Angkor Wat.
Trung sisters led an uprising that briefly drove the Chinese occupiers from the land
matrilineal descent or inheritance through the mother
stupa dome shaped shrines
padi fields
afonso de Albuquerque Commanded Portuguese fleet, dropped anchor off Malacca, a rich Muslim trading port that controlled the sea route linking India southeast Asia and china
Robert Clive agent of the British East India Company
outpost Distant areas under their control
sepoy Indian troops
Matteo Ricci Jesuit priest
Manchus ruled a region in the northeast that had long been influenced by Chinese civilization.
Kangxi able administrator and military leader
qianlong expanded China's borders to rule the largest area in the nation's history
Hermit Kingdom
Francis Xavier
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