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Chapter 15

identify and define

Henry the Navigator Gathered scientist, trained captains and crews for long voyages.
Vasco da Gama Led four ships around the Cape of Good Hope.
Christopher Columbus Discovered the Americas.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Hacked a passage through the tropical forests of Panama.
Ferdinand Magellan Carefully explored each bay, of South America, hoping it would lead to the Pacific.
Cartographers Mapmakers.
Astrolabe Instrument developed by the ancient Greeks and perfected by the Arabs, to determine their latitude of at sea.
Caravel Combined the square sails of European ships with Arab lateen, or triangular, sails.
Scurvy Disease caused by a lack of vitamin C.
Circumnavigate Sail around.
Pagan Arose in the fertile rice-growing Irrawaddy Valley.
Anawrata Is credited with bringing Buddhism to the Burman people.
Khmer Adapted Indian writing, mathematics, architecture, and art.
Suryavarman II Built the great temple complex, at Angkor Wat.
Trung Sisters Tried to restore a simpler form of government based on ancient Vietnamese traditions.
Matrilineal Inheritance through the mother.
Stupa Dome-shaped shrines.
Padi Fields.
Afonso De Albuquerque Moved to end Muslim power and turn the Indian Ocean into a "Portuguese lake".
Robert Clive An agent of the British East India Company.
Outpost Distant areas under a certain control.
Sepoy Indian troops.
Matteo Ricci European priest who adopted Chinese dress and language.
Manchus Set up a new dynasty called the Qing meaning "pure".
Kangxi An able administrator and military leader.
Qianlong Kangxi's grandson.
Hermit Kingdom When European sailors were shipwrecked on Korean shores, they were imprisoned or killed. Leaving Korea known as the "Hermit Kingdom"
Francis Xavier Found the Japanese curious and eager to learn about Christianity.
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