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Belief in one god monotheism
Belief in more than one god polytheism
Belief that spirits inhabit objects and/or animals animism
A religion that seeks converts and thus usually diffuses over a wide area. universalizing religion
A religion that does not actively seek converts and thus is usually less widespread. ethnic religion
Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are associated with this religion Hinduism
The world's oldest existing religion Hinduism
The idea that the soul is immortal and moves from one body to another after that body dies. reincarnation
A ranking system that divides people into different social classes caste system
This religion is associated with the caste system Hinduism
This religion is an offshoot of Hinduism Buddhism
The hearth of Buddhism is found here India
The hearth of Hinduism is found here Pakistan
Buddhist concept of perfect spiritual enlightenment nirvana
Ethnic religion found in China that has the concept of yin and yang Taoism
Japanese ethnic religion Shintoism
Monotheistic religion based on a heavenly covenant with Abraham. Judaism
Religion that believes in the concept of the Holy Trinity Christianity
Prayer, pilgrimage, fasting, alms, and declaration of faith are the five pillars of this religion. Islam
Christian branch that began with Martin Luther and the Reformation Protestantism
Branch of Christianity that is dominant in France, Spain, and Latin America (among other places) Catholicism
Branch of Christianity that is dominant in the UK, northern Europe, and North America (among other places) Protestantism
Branch of Christianity that is dominant in Greece, Russia, and parts of Eastern Europe Orthodox
The two main branches of Islam Sunni and Shia (Shiite)
Branch of Islam that is dominant in Saudi Arabia, North Africa, and other areas. Sunni
This country is home to the largest population of Shiites Iran
This religion's hearth is in Amritsar, India. Sikhism
Followers of this religion wear distinctive headcoverings. Sikhism
Religions found in remote areas of the world and practiced by small groups of people (often native people) are called this traditional/indigenous religions
Region of the world in which Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism originated South Asia
Region of the world in which Islam, Judaism, and Christianity originated Eastern Meditteranean
Region of the world in which Taoism and Confucianism originated Huang He Valley
Area of modern Pakistan that was the hearth of Hinduism Indus River Valley
Term used to describe the scattering of Jews after the Romans burned Jerusalem. It can also be applied to any group that is spread out over a large area. diaspora
people who actively spread a religion by seeking converts missionaries
the spread of Islam into Europe was stopped with this battle Battle of Tours
Term for the indifference toward or rejection of formal religion secularism
term used to describe a sect of Protestant Christianity denomination
a large, elaborately decorated church cathedral
a Muslim house of worship mosque
tower that is a notable aspect of Islamic landscapes minaret
a specific group within a religion sect
a boundary between two religions interfaith boundary
a boundary between sects within one religion intrafaith boundary
term for the movement to reestablish a Jewish homeland in Palestine zionism
year in which Israel gained control of Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights 1967
This city is home to some of the holiest sites for Christians, Muslims, and Jews Jerusalem
long-time leader of the PLO Yasir Arafat
this militant Islamic group won power in Palestinian Authority elections in 2006 Hamas
the locations of these in the West Bank have been a constant source of conflict between Israel and Palestine Jewish settlements
this militant group gained control of Afghanistan in 1996 and thereafter imposed very harsh Islamic law on the country Taliban
terrorist organization that is currently seeking to establish a "caliphate" in Syria and Iraq ISIS
the belief that religious texts should be interpreted literally and that religious doctrine should not adapt with cultural change fundamentalism
the branch of Islam with the largest number of followers Sunni
this country is home to the world's largest Muslim population Indonesia
this country is home to most of the world's Hindus India
Buddhism is a prominent religion in this part of the world Southeast Asia
this country has a large Sunni and Shia population, and has suffered major sectarian conflict in the past decade Iraq
the dominant branch of Christianity in South America Catholicism
the dominant branch of Christianity in Northern Europe Protestantism
the dominant branch of Christianity in Southern Europe Catholicism
the dominant branch of Christianity in Eastern Europe Orthodox
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