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Chapter 8

Autonomy Self rule
Ideology System of thought and belief
Louis kossuth Demanded an independent government and end of serfdom and a written constitution to protect basic rights
Louis Philippe Citizen king
Mestizos Person In Spain's colonies in the Americas who was a Native American and European descendent
Napoleon III
Peninsulares Members of the highest class in Spain's colonies in the Americas
Recession Period of reduced economic activity
Mulattoes Person in the Spanish colonies in the Americas who was a African and European descendent
After independence, Britain, France, And Russia pressured the Greeks to accept a German king because The European powers did not support the nation this idea
Creating a homeland for people who shared a common heritage was a major goal of Nationalist
During the June days in France why did the peasants attack protesting social workers They feared the socialist would take there land
Father Miguel hidalgos el grito de Dolores was a Call to fight for Mexican independence
For a short time after Liberation from Spanish rule Venezuela Ecuador and panama were part of a single nation called Oran columbia
How was Milo's obrenovic able to win Russian support for Serbs independence Because they were both slaves and Christian orthodox
In 1815 why did the congress of Vienna unite the Austrian Netherlands (Belgium ) and the kingdom of holland Congress wanted to create a stronger barrier to French expansion
In the 1700s Latin American political and social life was dominated by the Peninsulares
The concert of Europe was an agreement to Support the old order
The ideas of liberals were sometimes called bourgeois liberalism because liberals spoke mostly for the Middle class
The Secound republic in France ended when Louis Napoleon became emperor
Torusaint l'Ouverture led a revolt that eventually resulted in independence for Haiti
Unlike revolutions in other Latin American countries Haiti's fight for freedom was carried out by Slaves
Uprisings sparked by the dismantling of the charter of French liberties forced the abdication of Charles X
What contributed to the overwhelming majority of French voters that supported Louis Napoleon and his Secound empire Many votes thought a monarchy was more stable than a republic
What did conservatives of the early 1800 believe In The restoration in monarchies
What event spurred Simon bolivar and his followers to begin the struggle for independence Napoleons occupation of Spain
What major event occurred during February days I'm France 1848 Louis Philippe was abdicated
What was the goal of revolutionaries In the italian states in 1848 To end Hapsburg domination and set up constitutional government
What was the result of the 1830 revolt in Poland Russian forced crushed the revolt
What was the result of the revolutionary uprising in Belgium in the 1830s Belgium became an independent state with a liberal constitution
Which revolutionary leader helped Argentina win freedom from Spain Jose de San Martin
Why did liberals strongly support laissez fair economics They thought it was the best way for business to succeed
Why was Louis Philippe was called the citizen king? Because he owed his throne to the people
What event in Europe in 1808 encouraged widespread rebellion in Latin America? Napoleon ousted the Spanish king
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