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Honors 8 Midterm

Who was the Byzantine Emperor who reformed Roman Lax? Justinian
What effects did the Mongols have on early Russia? Exposed them to absolute power and cut off Russia off from the West.
Which people invaded the Roman Empire and brought it collapse? The Germanic people/Tribes
Who was the founder of Islam? Muhammad
What are the differences from Roman Catholicism to Orthodox Catholicism? Use of icons and views on marriage.
What was the most powerful institution during Medieval Europe? The Roman Catholic Church
What major invention came around during the Hundred Year's War? The invention of the longbow.
Who fought in the Hundred Year's War England and France
What was the Hundred Year's War purpose? To see who would claim the throne of France
What where the reasons of the Byzantine Empire's decline? Constant wars and bubonic plague.
What where the reasons for the Middle Ages decline? Bubonic Plague Crusades Hundred Year's War The Great Schism Development of Nationalism in England and France
Where was Russia's first major civilization and what was it called? Kiev and it it located in present day Ukraine
Who had the bigest impact of bringing the Byzantine culture to Russia? Prince Vladimir of Kiev.
What did Vladimir and his son Yaroslav spred throught military victories? Christianity
What where Yaroslav's major achievements? Gave legal status to Church, made Orthodox Christianity offical religion, translated religious books into Slavic languages.
Who lead the Mongol Armies into Russia between 1236 and 1241? Batu , the grandson of Ghengis Kahn.
Who where the two groups of people that influenced the development of early Russia? The Slavs and the Rus (Vikings)
What type of state did Russia become when the Mongols invaded? A tributary state.
Who tried to limit the power of nobles and started calling himself tsar? Ivan III (a.k.a. Ivan the Great)
Who recovered lost Russian land the was taken by Lithuania? Ivan the Great
Who was crowned tsar in 1547? Ivan the Terrible, Ivan the Great's grandson.
What tradition did Ivan the Terrible expose Russia to? Extreme Absoulte Power
Who are the two major groups inside Islam? The Sunni and the Shiites.
Who where the Muslim mystics. The Sufis.
Who was the founder of all three major monotheistic religions. Abraham
In which religion is Jesus Christ the messiah. Christianity
What is the holy book of Islam The Qur'an
What is the holy month in Islam? Ramadan
What kind of empire was the Byzantine Empire? A trade/economic empire
Who brought the Bubonic Plague to Europe and how? The Mongols through trade.
What problems did the Church face in 1000's? Simony, Marrying of Priests Lay Investiture
Who was the Pope who called for the first Crusade Pope Urban II
Who where the two leaders that lead the fought in the 3rd Crusade? King Richard the Lion-Hearted Saladin
What was the reason for the 3rd Crusade? The recapture of the Holy Land by the Muslim Empire.
What was the Reconquista. A Crusade that took place in Spain to rid Spain of Muslim infadels.
Under which king did the signing of the Magna Carta take place? King John
What rights did the Magna Carta give to which group of people. Basic political rights that applied to nobles.
Who was weakened by England's Parliment and who was strengthened by it? Nobles' power were weakened King's power was increased.
In the French Estates General, whose power was weakened and who's was increased. Noble's power increased King's power decreased.
Why did second born sons of kings go to fight in the Crusades? Because they where not in line to gain the throne and they went off to find fortune.
What where the political reasons for the Crusade? Kings where able to get rid of knights who where threatening peace and stability in the kingdom.
If you died during the Crusade what happened to your soul? You would go straight to heaven.
Why was there a revival of learning in the 1100's? Trading with the Byzantine and Muslim Empires and things started to become written in the language people spoke.
What was Medieval Philosophy based on? Greek/Roman Knowledge and Teachings of the Church
Who was Thomas Aquinas? A major philosopher during the Middle Ages
Where were the Turks originally from? Asia
What city did the Seljuk Turks capture in 1055? Baghdad
What group of people did the Seljuk Turks rely on for political matters? The Persian
Whose culture did the Turks adopt. The Persian's culture.
Who did they give important government positions to? The Persians
Who conquered Baghdad in 1258? The Mongols
Created by: sonofneptune43