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OD Practice Quiz 2

OD Practice Home Study Quiz #2

What conditions have a papillary lid conjunctival reaction? Allergic conjunctivitis, Soft contact lens wearers, Vernal conjunctivitis
What conditions have follicular lid conjunctival reaction? Viral conjunctivitis, Toxic (medications), Chlamydial, EKC
What conditions have purulent discharge? Bacterial conjuctivitis and Gonococcal
What conditions have a watery or mucoid discharge? Viral conjuctivitis, Allergic , Toxic (medications) , Vernal, EKC
What condition is associated with URI, swollen pre-auriclular nodes, and is very contagious? EKC
What is true for EPITHELIAL (dendritic ulcer) herpes simplex? Decreased corneal sensitivity, Made worse with topical steroids, and Treated with ani viral drugs- Zirgan topically and Famcyclovir orally
What is true for INTERSTITIAL (Stromal) herpes simplex? Decreased corneal sensitivity, Made better with topical steroids, Treated with anti viral drugs - Zirgan topically and Famcyclovir orally, Auto-immune reaction
What is true for a corneal dellen? Temporary thinning of cornea and usually cured with lubricants
What is true of keratoconus? Occurs in adolescence, Thinning (ectasia) of inferior central cornea, A stromal dystrophy, Causes irregular astigmatism
What is true of cataracts in general? Older individuals/Tends toward myopia/ Vision contrast decreases/ Glare may occur/May have initially increased ability to read up close/ May cause changes in one's color perception.
What type of cataracts tend to get hard with time? Nuclear sclerosis
What is true about aphakia? Loss of ability to accommodate/ Glasses prescription of +12.00D/ 35% magnification/ Jack in the box phenomenon/ Mid-peripheral ring scotoma
Created by: Leequa