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Ancient China

Review of Ancient China

The Chinese had limited contact with outsiders because of their __________(mountains, deserts and large bodies of water). geography
China is located on this continent. Asia
The Yellow River is also called the ______ __ River. Huang He
____________ ___ ________ is the right to rule based on the belief that the gods gave this authority to their rulers Mandate of Heaven
In __________, the ruler should set a good example for his people. Confucianism
_________ taught that people obeyed their rulers out of fear, not out of respect Legalism
_______ is a religion and philosophy that teaches that the key to a long life & happiness is to accept life as it is. Daoism
This was a trade route that stretched from China to the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road
This feature not only kept invaders out of China, but it warned people when invasions were taking place. The Great Wall
A person who studies the meaning of life. philosopher
Standardization means making all things of a certain type _______. the same/alike
This geographical feature separates India and China The Himalayas
The belief in many gods. polytheism
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