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Review of Ancient India

a large area of land that is separated by geography from the rest of the continent. subcontinent
India is located on this continent. Asia
These are the two main rivers of India. Ganges and Indus Rivers
A _________ is when the moist winds blow that bring heavy rains. monsoon
_______________ is the widespread cutting down of trees. deforestation
This group brought horses and the chariot to India, as well as created Hinduism. Aryans
This was an ancient city located near the Indus River known for its superb city planning, with its wide streets and rectangular blocks. Mohenjo-Daro
The _______ _____ of India (A.D. 375 – 415) was a time of peace, growth and great advances in art and science. Golden Age
Siddhartha Gautama was a prince and later became known as Buddha. He is the founder of this religion. Buddhism
These are two of the most important inventions of India's Golden Age. inoculation and Arabic numerals
Both Hinduism and Buddhism both believe in ___________________, the act of being reborn. reincarnation
A _____ is a group within India’s social class, a person is born into a one and could not become a member of another. caste
Created by: bridgetcardwell