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world history exam

how many plans crashed on 9-11-01 4
who was the us president on 9-11-01 bush
who was behind the terrorist attack on 9-11-01 osama binladen
month day and year of of the even of 9-11-01 September 11 ,2001
what did the FFA do told the planes to land and closed the aireports
why did the terrorists pick losctions because there was a lot of people there
why did the terrorists pick cross country flights because they would have more fuel
name the structures targeted twin towers , pentagon and the white house but it never got there so it was a field
how did aire ports change since alot more alarms.
culture the way of life for a group of people
customs special practices common to one group of people ex: hair , style , clothing , transportation
traion customs that survive firm on generation to the next
techology scientific knowledge + tools
values beliefs about what is good desirable + worth holding on too *what we do + say are based on values +schooling for children.
climate the pattern of weather over long period of time
economic activity any action that relates to the making , buying, and selling of goods and services
landforms any natural feature of earths surface that has a disinct shape landforms includes major features such as Continent , plains , plateaw include minor features such as hills , valleys , canyons , and dunes
what is a compass rose with north , south , east ,west
what is a scale map to find the absolute location of something
what is a map title the name of a map
natural reasoures what are coal, iron m uranium and petroleum
western hemisphere has north and south america
leonardo de vinci he is a painter
michelangelo artist , human body , ceiling of the sistine chapel
shakespeare wrote plays
elizabeth 1 mother died when she was 5 years old
martin luther letter criticizing church corruption and called for reforms
galileo galilei looked at space
enlightenment an intellectual movement of the 18th centry the applied scientific methods to the study of society and government aka the age of reason people should have a say in the government
reformation a reform movement of the issousthe split the catholic church and gave birth to the protestant realign
renaissnce increase trade and commerce urban growth universities cutholic church powerful
scientific revolition a shirt in thinking about the study of the national world that began in the 1500s and departed form traditions religious teachings
Created by: maddielayne