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Integumentary Sytem


angioma a vascular tumor; a benign skin tumor consisting mostly of vesseks (blood or lymph)
hemangioma an angioma consisting of blood vessels
nevus a birthmark or mole; a circumscribed area of pigmentation or vascularization on the skin that is present at or shortly after birth
nevi pl. for nevus
strawberry angioma a strawberry colored birthmark; slightly raised that consists of tiny blood vessels. occurs often of the upper body, (e.g. face or neck)
nevus flammeus a flat lesion of the skin present at birth. the color is often purple. the lesion can be small or may cover a large part of the face, trunk, or extremity
melanoma a dark pigmented tumor of the skin; can also be a darkly pigmented malignant tumor or mole but should then be referred to as a malignant melanoma
ance a general term to indicate ance vulgaris. a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin including the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. characterized vy blackheads, papules, and pustules.
psoriasis a chronic recurrent dermatosis characterized by silvery gray scales covering red patches on the skin. usullay on the skin of the elbows, knees, and shins. not contagious, cause unknown
psoriatic pertaining to or affected by psoriasis
gangrene death or necrosis of tissue caused by obstruction or loss of blood supply. may occur in assocation with infection (wet) or the absence of infection (dry)
gangrenous pertaining to or affected by gangrene
lupus erythematosus systemic a slowly progressive systemic disease of unknown causes, characterized by degenerative changes of collagenous tissue and the developmemt of inflammtion, dermatitis, arthritis, fever, and lesions of internal organs
Created by: Wolkowski