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chapter 1 med terms

abate to lessen, ease,decrease, or cease. used to note the lessening of pain.
abcess localized collection of pus, which may occur in any part of the body
acute sudden, sharp, servere; used to describe a disease that has a sudden onset, server symptoms, and a short course
afferent carrying impulses toward a center
ambulatory condition of being able to walk, not confined to bed.
antidote substance given to counteract poisons and their effects.
apathy condition in which one lacks feelings and emotions and is indifferent
autoclave an apparatus that sterilizes instruments and items using steam under pressure (15 pounds of pressure per square inch) to reach a heat of 250 degres F to 254 degres F for a specified time, such as 30 min for a single wrapped items
disease literally means lack of ease; a pathological condition of the body that presents with a series of symptoms, signs, and lab findings peculiar to it and sets it apart from normal or other abnormal body states
efferent carring impulses away from the center
empathy the ability to sense intellectually and emotionally the feelings of another person
febrile pertaining to fever, a sustained body temp above 98.6 degres F
gram (g) unit of metric system;
illness state of being sick
liter unit of volume in the metric system
malaise a general feeling of discomfort, uneasiness; often felt by a patient who has a chronic disease
pallor paleness, lack of color
rapport relationship of understanding between two people, especially between the patient and physician
triage a system of proritizing and classifying patient injuries to determine priority of need and treatment
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