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Lesson 1

aromatic warm the surface & cool the interior; bring blood to the mucous membranes; mildly antibiotic, antifungal; dispel gas in digestive tract; relax sphincter of oddi; warm & tone digestive, upper respiratory & urinary tracts; lower fevers & smooth chi flow fever, indigestion, stomachache, colds
astringent warms & tightens; usually associated with tannins; water-soluble; antiviral, antibacterial tighten the gums, check diarrhea, contract tissues (mucous membranes) that are too loose
bitter cooling, stimulating to bile & other digestive secretions; small amounts are tonic & activating to the yin; large amounts are debilitating & contracting strengthen digestion, open & cool the liver, stimulate bile for better fat digestion, improve nutrition of body in deficiency diseases (use with sweet)
bland demulcent or mucilaginous; moisturizing to the tissues, mild-tasting urinary, respiratory or bowel infections; inflammation; immune system disorders
salty moisturizing or drying to tissues, depending on amount; strongly affects moisture balance of body; action on nervous system & glands; warming, stimulating & promotes yang dryness in the body. poor or weakened nerve function; deficient yang
sour deeply cooling, refreshing, cleansing, clearing, astringent & detoxifying; cleanses liver; affects electrolyte balance of body (alkaline/acid balance) liver stagnation, as a detoxicant for cleansing programs, generally cools & drains
spicy(pungent) warming, stimulating; taken when stagnancy, lack of blood flow to areas of body due to coldness or excess stress stimulating sympathetic nervous system colds, flu, poor digestion, poor circulation, fear of the cold, deficiency, sluggish organs
sweet taken during the winter to warm & nourish the body; support nourishment of immune & hormonal system; helpful for body's generation of energy, warmth, motion & thinking capacity degenerative diseases, weakened yin (adrenal weakness), to support nutrition of the body, beneficial effect on hormones, nerves & muscles
acrid warming & stimulating; taken when there is stagnancy, lack of blood flow to specific areas of the body & when there is excess stress stimulating the sympathetic nervous system colds, flu, poor digestion, poor circulation, fear of the cold, deficiency, sluggish organs
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