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Integumentary System


dermatitis inflammation of the skin characterized by itching, redness, and various types of lesions pl. dermatitides
contact dermatitis an acute allergic inflmmation of the skin caused by contact with an irritant such as poision ivy or various chemicals
atopic dermatitis a chronic dermatitis due to sensitization to substances by ingestion or inhalation. cause is unknown (e.g. eczema)
allergy a condition of altered or changed reaction or a hypersensitivity to a specific substance acquired through exposure
allergen an antigen responsible for a hypersensative reaction; a sensitizing agent; any substance that brings on manifestations or reactions of allergy (e.g. pollen, strawberries, antibiotics, chemicals)
allergic pertaining to or sensitive to an allergen
hives a blood vessel reaction characterized by sudden outbreaks of itching and burning swellings (wheals) on the skin
urticaria giant hives; a severe form of hives related to allergic disorders; intense itching, welts, wheals. can be from an allergic reaction or mental stress
angioneurotic edema Giant hives in which the edema is more noticeable. swelling of the mucous membrane in the respiratory passages can obstruct the trachea
histamine a substance found in tissue that is released in response to allergens or irritants. effects: stimulates gastic secretions, constricts bronchial smooth muscle, dilates capillaries and increases their permeability, thereby causing tissue swelling
antihistamine a drug that counteracts the effects of histamine. Useful in treating allergy
eczema a skin disease which may be manifested in various types of rashes. often due to allergy or hypersensensitivity. redness, weeping, oozing, and crusting are common manifestations
eczematous pertaining to, or affected with eczema
intracutaneous within the skin
intradermal within the dermis
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