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Integumentary System


lesion an injury, sore, or wound; a pathological change in tissues due to disease or injury
eruption a breaking out or appearance of lesions on the skin
disseminated widley scattered; distributed over large areas of the body
rash a general term applied to any eruption of the skin
circumscribed confined or limited in space, as though by line drawn around the area
macule a small, flat, discolored spot or patch on the skin (e.g. a freckle)
macular pertaining to or characterized by macules; spotted
papule a small red elevation of skin that can be palpated (e.g. a pimple)
papular pertaining to or characterized by papules
pustule a small circumscribed elevation of the skin filled with pus (e.g. an infected pimple)
vesicle a blister; a small sac containing fluid located between the epidermus and the dermis
vesiculation the formation of blisters
nodule A small lump or swelling, a knotlike protuberance
nodular pertaining to or characterized by nodules
wheal a slightly elevated area of the skin, usually accompanied by intense itching
fissure a crack or splitlike sore in the skin or mucous membrane
ulcer an open sore or lesion of the skin or muscous mebrane
ulcerate to undergo ulceration; to develop a sore
ulcerative pertaining to or characterized by ulcers; causing an ulter(s)
ulceration the foramtion of an ulcer
decubitus the act of lying down or in the
decubital pertaining to a bedsore or pressure sore
fistula an abnormal tubelike passage connecting a normal body cavity or internal body structure to the body surface or another cavity. May be congenital or due to infections, injuries, or inflamatory processess
sinus an abnormal channel. a "sinus tract"
Created by: Wolkowski