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Integumentary System


integument covering
integumentary system the skin
epidermis the outer thin layer of skin composed of epithelial tissue
dermis the deeper, true layer of skin
cutis the skin
cuticle the thin layer of epidermis that covers the base of a nail
cutaneous pertaining to the skin
stratum a layer
melanin a black or dark brown pigment which is normally found in the skin, eyes, hair, and certain other structures
albino a person with congenital absece of pigment in the skin, hair, eyes. Albinism can occur in any race
pigment any substance what produces a characteristic color in tissue
suboriferous producing sweat; conveying sweat.
sebum the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands
sebaceous pertaining to sebum; secreting sebum
cerumen earwax; waxlike substance found in the external or outer ear canal
ceruminous pertaining to cerumen or earwax
follicle the tiny tubular pocket or sac from which a hair growns
tactile pertaining to the sense of touch; capable of being felt or touched
Created by: Wolkowski