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Industrial Revolution and the "Ism's"

When did the Industrial Revolution begin? England
What is the British Enclosure Movement? Taking of public lands and making them private by fencing them in. Displaces British population and puts them out of work.
What are some results of the Enclosure Movement? People are put out of work and leave the rural parts of England. They move to cities looking for jobs and homes.
What destroyed the cottage industry? Rise of factory system
What inventor most impacted the textile industry? With what invention? James Hargreaves - the Spinning Jenny
What inventor impacted transportation? What is the invention? James Watt - the Steam Engine
What invention INCREASED the demand for labor in America? Who invented it? Cotton Gin - Eli Whitney
Buildings were impacted by what discovery? Who is the inventor? Process for making steel - Henry Bessemer
Name 8 impacts of the Industrial Revolution? Population increase - increased standard of living - improved transportation - urbanization - environmental pollution - increased education - growth of middle class - dissatisfaction of working class with conditions
What is capitalism? Economic system that encourages competition between companies; creates unequal distribution of wealth
Who developed the theory of capitalism? What's the book? Adam Smith - "The Wealth of Nations"
What is communism? Economic and political system developed as a response to injustices of capitalism; redistributes wealth to society
Who developed communism? What's the book? Karl Marx - "The Communist Manifesto" - "Das Kapital"
What is socialism? Economic system that encourages social ownership of business [society owns and shares everything]
What is a classless society? Who encouraged that idea? A society with no rich and poor - everyone is equal - Karl Marx wanted this in communism
what is cottage industry? At home businesses where people produce goods [usually textiles]
Describe the working conditions in factories. Long hours, low wages, unsafe conditions - bad conditions
Why were women and children used as a labor source in factories? Cheaper form of labor - they were paid less than men
Who was the most powerful person in the life of a factory worker? The factory owners
What did the cotton gin do to slavery on American plantations? Increased demand for slaves
Who outlawed slavery first? British
What are some social impacts of the Industrial Revolution? Reforms to end child labor - Expansion of education - Increased demand for women's suffrage
What is a labor union? Organization of workers to achieve common goals [such as increased wages, better hours, safer conditions, etc.]
What is collective bargaining? Who would have wanted this? Negotiations between employers [factory owners] and employees [factory workers] - Labor unions wanted this to happen
What are the 3 types of Imperialism we discussed? Colony - Protectorate - Sphere of Influence
What is Nationalism? Pride in one's country
What is a pro and a con to Nationalism? Pro - provides unity in a population of people Con - if taken to the extreme can cause conflict and fighting/wars
Define colony. Territory under immediate political control of another state
Define protectorate. Autonomous territory that is militarily protected by another state
Define Sphere of Influence. Area where a foreign power has considerable influence [but no official power] over that region's economy, culture, etc.
How did imperialism impact nationalism, particularly in India? First nationalist party formed in India in the mid-1800's with the goal to get independence from Britain
Why did the Boxer Rebellion take place? Response to European Christian's strong presence in China; Boxers wanted them to leave totally; Chinese government stopped rebellion
Where did the Boxer Rebellion take place? China
Who did Americans open trade with during the Industrial Revolution? Japan
Why did the European countries want to practice imperialism during the Industrial Revolution? Desire to access/control areas with natural resources; those natural resources were then used in their factories at home
Where did the Europeans practice imperialism after the Industrial Revolution? Asia and Africa
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