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World History

Chapter 22

scientific revolution new way of thinking about the natural world
heliocentric theory Sun is center of universe
Galileo Galilei Faced inquisition for his support of copernicus' heliocentric theory. Published dialogue concerning the two chief world systems.
Copernicus Published the heliocentric theory
Kepler Published the laws of planetary motion. mathematically proved heliocentric theory
Bacon Urged scientists to use the experimental method or "empiricism"
Descartes "The thinker" that knew he existed and thus coined the phrase, "i think, therefore i am."
Newton Is credited for developing the laws of gravity
Scientific Method a logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas.
Brahe Made of base of the heliocentric theory that just needed to be mathematically proven.
Enlightenment The new intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought and the power of the individual to solve problems.
Thomas hobbes Wrote Leviathan and felt that people needed a strong ruler with absolute power to keep citizens under control.
Social Contract agreement by witch people created the government
john locke Felt that all poeple are entitled to three basic rights : life, liberty, and property.
philosophes social critics of the Enlightenment time period
Beliefs of philosophies reason, nature, happiness, progress, liberty
Rousseau Felt that a direct democracy was the best form of government and that legitimate government came from the consent of the govern.
voltaire Constantly fought for citizens basic rights and is quoted as saying " I do not agree with a word you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it "
Montesquieu Focused on Government and thought that Britain had the best form of government at the time. He is also knowns for commenting on the importance of a balance of power in the government
Salon place where ideas are shared
Beccaria Addresses laws that dealt with a society's justice system.
Diderot published encyclopedia
Baroque grand ornate design
neoclassical classical greco-roman design
joesph ii most radical, freedom of the press, freedom of worship, abolished serfdom
Frederick the great Granted many religious freedoms, Reduced censorship, improved education, reformed justice system, abolished torture "first servant of the state"
Catherine the great Allowed religious toleration, abolished torture and capital punishment, expands russia
Enlightened despot enlighted rulers
Declaration of independence 1776. america declares itself independent from britian
Thomas jefferson wrote declaration of independence
checks and balances each branch checking the actions of the others to make sure no branch has full power
federal system power was divided between national and state governments
Geocentric earth is center of universe
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