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Human Sexuality

Sex Behavior, Coercion, and Expression

The definition of normalcy is given to us by ? Friends, partners, parents, Cultural norms, Media, Stereotypes, Religious teachings, Customs
Normal Sexual Behavior ? Behavior that conforms to a groups median or average pattern of behavior
Lee style of love ? Eros-tactile ....Mania-obsessive and possessive love “roller-coaster .....Ludus-playful love “game” .....Storge- love between companions ....Agape-brotherly love, chaste, patient altruistic ....Pragma-practical love “businesslike”
Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love ? *intimacy, commitment, and compassion.... all 3= consummate love...commitment alove = empty love, intimate only = infactuation
The Kinsey Report = ? First large scale survey of sexual behavior in women - face to face interviews
Masters & Johnson study ? done in the 1960s....Four-staged model of sexual response:... Excitement,P lateau, Orgasm, Resolution
Kaplan’s Three Stage Model ? desire, excitement, orgasm, and physiological aspects are the same as Masters and Johnson
Circular Model ? desire, orgasm, resolution---more describes women
DSM of Sexual Dysfunction ? *disturbance in sexual desire and in the psychophysiological changes that characterize the sexual response cycle and cause marked distress and interpersonal difficulty, that is persistent---over 6 mths
Primary/Secondary/Situation Sexual Dysfunction ? Primary—been all the time, secondary-after surg/drug or situational-partner died
Lack of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity ? *Hypoactive Sexual Disorder
Aversion to and avoidance of genital contact with a partner, that can cause a panic attack, and n/v/d, etc ? * Sexual Aversion Disorder
Inability to attain or maintain vaginal lubrication and swelling associated with sexual excitement ? Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Absence or delay in orgasm following normal sexual excitement? * female/Male Orgasm Disorder
Involuntary muscle spasms of the outer third of the vagina that interferes with penetration or thoughts of penetration – cant be penetrated ? *Vaginismus – pain syndrome
Mild to severe genital pain associated with intercourse ? * Dyspareunia - usually see nothing, but see major complaints of pain
Tmt of Sexual Disorders ? *behavioral and drugs therapy
What are Sexual Variations? * Sexual variety and diversity in terms of sexual orientation, attitudes, behaviors and desires. ---usu outside of the norm
persons intense sense of being male or female, despite their opposite body parts ? *gender identity disorder
person who thinks they were born in the wrong body. Born with a penis but has a gender identity of a woman often living as a woman ? *transgender
people who feel that they are born in the wrong body and want to change their sex to match their sexual identity by seeking sex reassignment? *transexual
is when a person is born with ambiguous genitalia? *intersex
Recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors that occur over a period of at least 6 months, involving nonhuman objects, suffering of someone else, or children/non-consenting ppl ? *Paraphilias
Non-coercive Paraphilias ? * Regarded as benign and victimless .......These include fetishes, partialism and transvestism
Sexual attraction to objects which take on sexual symbolism and may be required for sexual arousal and/or orgasm to take place? *Fetishism - for atleast 6 months, urges acted upon and caused stress.....Absence of the object leads to sexual dysfunction
Sexual attraction to a specific body part ? *Partialism (fetish)
The wearing of clothing of the opposite sex, usually for sexual arousal ? * Transvestism (fetish)
Risk factors that lead to Non-Coercive ? * Higher incidence if a victim of child sexual assault....*high in anxiety/mood disorders
Coercive Paraphilias ? * has a victim, criminalization, nonconsensual relationships, can be and urge that is acted upon or just fantasized
Common Coercive Paraphilias? *zoophilia,Pedophilia, Voyeurism, Frotteurism, Necrophilia, Troilism
Intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving sexual activity with prepubescent children ? *Pedophilia - must be 16 and victim 5 yrs younger than perp
When chat rooms can become a fetish ? * if >11 hours=propensity for fetish/compulsion
Consensual acting out of scenes where one partner dominates and the other submits ? * Domination and Submission - main thing is power
BDSM Play ? *Sadist: derives satisfaction from inflicting pain.....* Masochist: derives satisfaction from experiencing pain...... Clinical issues -Consent- Safety- Infection prevention- Self assessment/distress-
Sexual Addiction components ? *Thought preoccupation -Rituals as prelude to act -Compulsive sexual behavior, no control -Despair
Tmts for Sexual Acts ? *cognitive/couples therapy, drugs, education
The two main elements of sexual harassment ? *Abuse of power for sexual ends .....*Creation of a hostile environment that interferes with a persons employment or performance ...........basically the behavior is not wanted and created a hostile work place/environment
Any sexual activity performed against a person’s will, including genital touching, anal, oral, or vaginal ? * rape
Rape reason ? * for sex and power
Most common rape form ? *Acquaintance Rape (date rape)---can use emotional, physical, or drug use to rape
Least common rape ? * stranger rape
WV Statutory Rape criteria * consent is 16, but if a 15 y/o messes with a 10 y/o it is stat rape...4 year difference
Motivations of Rape ? *anger, power, sadistic
Any sexual interaction between an adult and a prepubescent child ? * child sexual abuse
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse ? * education to look for it and to teach kids what it is
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