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8 World Hx 1st Exam

Limited Gov & Rights and Responsibilities

Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution & what group of people demanded it? Anti-Federalist demanded it be added to keep the power of the national Gov limited & prevent the national gov from abusing its power.
How does the Bill of Rights protect people's rights? What rights does it protect? It outlines what the gov cannot do to or take away from its citizens.
1st Amendment protects citizens rights to freedom of speech, religion, press, and to assemble
2nd Amendment protects citizens right to bear arms (own guns)
4th Amendment protects citizens from illegal search & seizure - the p0lice must have a warrant to search your house
5th Amendment Protects those who have been accused of a crime - fair trial & incriminating themselves on a stand.
6th Amendment Guarantees citizens the right to a lawyer, jury of their peers, and speedy & public trial.
8th Amendment protects citizens from cruel & unusual punishment - punishment must fit crime.
Rights and responsibilities Citizens have the right that are protected by the bill of Rights but also have responsibilities as citizens of the country (e.g., vote, pay taxes).
Separation of Church & State Pilgrims originally came for Freedom of Religion - this is very protected in the US. There is no official religion. No connection between church and gov.
Rule of Law Everyone is held accountable to the same laws - everyone is treated fairly under the law.
Equal Opportunity No opportunity can be denied to anyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, ect.
Representative government A gov that contains elected officals who hae been chosen by the citizens to represent their voice in government.
Limited Government There are limits on the gov's power to prevent it from abusing its power (e.g., Bill of Rights, Checks & Balances).
Freedom & Independence Freedom: The absence of control, or constraint on choice or action. Independence: Freedom from outside control or support.
Created by: katecolemancc