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8 World Hx 1st Exam

Historical Knowledge I

Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation 1. no power 2. no chief executive 3. no power to request soldiers 4. could not regulate trade or settle disputes between the states
Shays' Rebellion Wake up call to the confederate gov. Unhappy veterans rebelled when they were taxed unfairly and lost their farms to debt. Even though the MA military defeated them it showed national gov. They had no power to combat a revolt. Sowed need for new gov.
What was the Constitutional Convention and When and why did it meet? 12 states sent delegates to the convention in Phili to consider a new structure of gov & calmly discuss & establish a stronger, national gov.
Mental break: What is ur favorite meal? Cheeseburger & french fries.
What debates arose at the Constitutional Convention & what promises were made? 1. Should small states or large states have more legislative power? The Great Compromise. 2. Should slaves count as population - 3/5 compromise. 3. Should the people or gov officials choose the president - electoral college.
Great compromise - did what? The Legislative branch would be 2 parts. One part the House of Reps would be based on a states population. Second the Senate would have equal representation from all states.
3/5ths Compromise - did what? Slaes in the Southern colonies would count as 3/5 a person when being counted towards a states population.
How successful were the compromises in addressing issues of representation and limited government? Successful - the states all eventually ratified the Constitution and agreed to abide by the new Federal structure.
Created by: katecolemancc