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18.1 CF: Endocrine


acid/o acid (low pH)
acr/o extremity; highest point
act/o action
aden/o gland
adrenal/o adrenal gland
adren/o adrenal gland
affect/o state of mind; mood; to have an influence on
ag/o to lead to
andr/o male
antagon/o oppose or work against
anter/o before; front part
bi/o life; living organisms; living tissues
calc/i calcium
calc/o calcium
carcin/o cancer
chrom/o color
congenit/o present at birth
cortic/o cortex (outer region)
crin/o secrete
cyt/o cell
dem/o people; population
dextr/o right; sugar
diabet/o diabetes
dips/o thirst
erg/o activity; work
estr/a female
estr/o female
fertil/o able to concieve a child
galact/o milk
genit/o genitalia
gestat/o from conception to birth
gigant/o giant
glandul/o gland
globul/o shaped like a globe
gluc/o glucose (sugar)
glyc/o glucose (sugar)
glycos/o glucose (sugar)
gonad/o gonads (ovaries and testes)
gynec/o female; woman
hirsut/o hairy
home/o same
hormon/o hormone
hypophys/o pituitary gland
inhibit/o block; hold back
insulin/o insulin
insul/o island
iod/o iodine
ket/o ketones
lact/o milk
lob/o lobe of an organ
log/o word; the study of
mast/o breast; mastoid process
melan/o black
men/o month
mineral/o mineral; electrolyte
mult/i many
myx/o mucus-like substances
nephr/o kidney; nephron
neur/o nerve
nod/o node (knob of tissue)
nodul/o small, knobby mass
ovari/o ovary
ox/y oxygen; quick
pancreat/o pancreas
phag/o eating; swallowing
phe/o gray
pituit/o pituitary gland
pituitar/o pituitary gland
puber/o growing up
radi/o radius (forearm bone); r-rays; radiation
recept/o recieve
ren/o kidney
resist/o withstand the effect of
retin/o retina (of the eye)
somat/o body
sphenoid/o sphenoid bone
stat/o standing still; staying in one place
stimul/o exciting; strengthening
test/o testis; testicle
testicul/o testis; testicle
thalam/o thalamus
thym/o thymus; rage
thyr/o sheild-shaped structure (thyroid gland)
thyroid/o thyroid gland
toc/o labor and childbirth
ton/o pressure; tone
toxic/o poison; toxin
tox/o poison
trop/o having an affinity for; stimulating; turning
ur/o urine; urinary system
uter/o uterus (womb)
viril/o masculine
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