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NWS Final Review

lith stone
patel kneecap
dyspnea difficulty breathing
cata down
rrhea flow
epistaxis nosebleed
crani skull
audi sound
phag eat
desis binding
leio smooth
crine secrete
acro extremities
epi upon
oro mouth
thromb clot
scop observe/examine
meta beyond
CC chief complaint
endo within
kerat hard
gluc/glyc sugar
melan black
vaso vessel
peri around
penia deficiency
cardi heart
orchi testes
alveol air sac
ischemia decrease flow
pyo pus
derm skin
histo tissue
salping tube
hepat liver
hemat blood
inter between
scoli twisted
pathy disease
cutan skin
cc cubic centimeter
angi vessel
rrhaphy suture
intra within
cervic neck
algia pain
hypo low
emesis vomiting
orth straight
lymph watery fluid
cyt/e cell
infer below
supra/super above
ab away from
fibr fiber
lip fat
cheil lip
myel marrow
pect chest
eu good/normal
otomy incision
ectomy removal
hyper more than normal
a/an without
oophor ovary
lord bent
anti against
thorac chest
colp vagina
tachy fast
narc sleep/stupor
brachy arm
enter intestine
cele hernia
graphy recording
gram record
esthesia sensation
ostomy surgical opening
scler hard
erythro red
squam scale
phleb vein
itis inflammation
aden gland
dys bad/painful
cine/kine movement
leuk white
aqua water
cyan blue
oto ear
oste bone
pneum lung
cele hernia
iasis condition
Latin Language med term
ia unhealthy condition
acousti hearing
spondyl spine
oma tumor
sarc flesh
Created by: tcrozier