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Powerpoint 10D

What are the first two basic positions on Moses, the Law, and circumcision proposed at the so-called "Council of Jerusalem"? Which position is fully accepted? 1. The "party of the Pharisees" says new coverts to Christ must be circumcised 2. the position of Peter, Paul and Barnabas is that circumcision is not required- salvation through Christ is universally available
What is the third basic position on Moses, the Law and circumcision proposed at the so-called "Council of Jerusalem"? The position of James: he favors continued limited imposition of some of the law, a practice eventually is discontinued by the church
Why is circumcision important to the Jews who are beginning to believe in Christ? Circumcision has been central to covenant with Abraham; a central moment in religious life; critical identifying characteristic; "cut off from God's people' with out it
Why is the issue of circumcision important to the Gentiles who are beginning to believe in Christ? Difficult ritual to undergo; question of its significance for them in light of Christ's message of salvation- why should they need to be circumcised?
Why is the circumcision important to both Jews and Gentiles? Circumcision represents the Law and the question of what one must do to be righteous in God's eyes
Who is Saint Paul? (Part 1) 1. A principle founder of early church; key interpreter of who Christ is 2. Rabbi who first persecuted the Christians, but then converts 3. He explains relationship of Christ to the covenant with Abraham
Who is Saint Paul? (Part 2) 4. He teaches that new Gentile Christians do not have to become Jews (circumcision & law not required of them) 5. His letters become core of the New Testament, after the Gospels (and Acts)
Does Romans say we "earn" our justification, or that we are given it freely to God? We are given it freely. ("amazing grace") We would "earn" punishment if we got what we deserve
Does Paul end up thinking that circumcision is necessary to be justified? Circumcision is not necessary. We are not bound by the Law which we cannot uphold
Why are we not allowed to "boast about our righteousness"? Since all is dependent of God's forgiveness and grace we cannot boast. We do not "achieve" or "earn" salvation, but we are given it.
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