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Exodus Quiz

How did God guide the Israelites towards the red sea? God gave the Israelites a bright pillar of cloud to follow in the day and a glowing pillar of fire at night.
Why did the pharaoh change his mind about letting the Israelites go? The pharaoh needed the Israelites to work for him.
How did the Israelites cross the red sea? Moses pointed his staff to the sea and pushed the water away so the Israelites could cross the red sea safely.
What happened to the Egyptians? Moses pointed his staff to the water again and swept away the Egyptians into the sea.
What did the Israelites eat on their journey? God provided manna and quails for the Israelites.
What did they do for water? Gog told Moses to strike the large rock in Horeb. When he did, enough water gushed out to quench their thirst.
Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments? Moses received the Ten Commandments on the Summit of Mount Sinai.
What did the ISraelites do while Moses was on the Mountain? The Israelites created a golden calf and used that as a new god.
What did Moses do when he saw the golden calf? He threw the tablets to the ground and melted the calf in a fire.
How did Aaron respond to Moses' anger? Aaron tried to make excuses.
Why did Moses send spies into the Promise Land What did he wasn't them to find out? He wanted to learn about the inhabitants, whether or not their towns were well protected, and if the land was fertile.
What did the spies tell Moses upon his return? They said that the land was covered with many fruits and crops, but the people who lived there were very powerful and their towns are heavily fortified.
What did Caleb and Joshua say? They said "We should capture the land. God will give it to us as he promised."
Why were the ISraelites destined to roam in the desert for forty years? It was because they lacked faith.
Did Moses make it into the Promise Land? Moses saw the land, but didn't enter.
Who led the Israelites into the Promise Land? Joshua led the ISraelites into the Promise Land.
Why did Moses kill the Egyptian? Moses saw the Egyptian beating a Hebrew, his own kind, and he felt offended.
Why did Moses flee Egypt? He was afraid that the pharaoh will kill him for what Moses had done.
How did Moses meet his wife? What was her name? Moses delivered the priest of Midian's 7 daughters from the shepherds and watered the flock. The priest gave Moses his daughter, Zipporah, to marry.
What happened to the Pharaoh during the time that Moses was in Midian? The pharaoh died and a new pharaoh took over.
What Job did Moses take on in Midian? He took on the job of tending the flock.
Why did God appear to Moses? God appeared to tell him to lead the people out of Egypt.
How did God identify himself? God said "I am who I am."
What does God ask Moses to do? God sent Moses to the Pharaoh to bring the Israelites out of Egypt.
How does Moses respond to God's's request? He thinks that he is the wrong person. He cannot speak very well.
Who is Aaron? What role is he given? Aaron is Moses' brother. HE will speak to the people for Moses.
What reason does God give for the Pharaoh not releasing the Israelites? God hardened the Pharaoh's heart.
Created by: alextheasianguy
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