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world history chapter 14 identify and recall

lorenze de medici clever politician who held florence together in the late 1400's during difficult times
francesco petrarch an early renaissance humanist
leonardo da vinci an endless curiosity fed genius for invention, who made sketches of nature and models in his studio
michelangelo many sided genius sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, and poet.
raphael his paintings blend the christian and classical styles, best known for portayals of the madonna, the mother of jesus
baldasare castiglione a well educated well mannered aristocrat who mastered many fields, from poetry to sports
niccolo machiavelli studied ancient roman history
patron financial supporter
humanism focused on worldly subjects rather than on the religious issues that had occupied medieval thinkers
humanities subject taught in ancient greek and roman schools
perspective making distant objects smaller than those objects close to the viewer
albrecht durer traveled to italy to study the techniques of the italian masters
jan van eyck portrayals of townspeople as well as religious scenes abound in rich realistic details
francois rabelais had a varied career as a monk, physician, greek scholar, and author
william shakespeare english poet and playwrighter
miguel de cervantes an entertaining tale that mocks romantic notions of medieval chivalry
johann gutenberg prited the first complete edition of the bible using the first printing press and printing inks in the west
engraving an artist etches a design on a metal plate with acid
vernacular everyday language of ordinary people
utopian an ideal society
protestant reformation movement in which the church renewed itself from within
martin luther german monk and professor of theology
peace of augsburg allowed each prince to decide which religion would be followed in his lands
john calvin published the institutes of the christian religion
huguenot french calvinist
john knox led a religious rebellion
indulgence church teaching
recant give up his views
predestination the idea that god had long ago determined who would gain salvation
theocracy government run by church leaders
henry VIII attacks luther in pamphlet. 'defender of faith'
elizabeth I protestant
council of trent pope calls meeting that lasts 20 years off and on
inquisition a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation
jesuits loyal to pope
teresa of avila dedicating herself to prayer and meditation
annul cancel
canonize recognize as saint
comprimise agreement
scapegoat someone to blame
ghetto separate part of a ciy
nicolaus copernicus heliocentric idea, says sun is at center of universe
johanees kepler supports copernicus
galileo galilei new telescope, his observations supports keplers calcuations
francis bacon stresses expericment
rene descartes stresses human reasoning 'father of modern philosophy'
isaac newton theory of gravity
robert boyle boyles law of pressure and volume of gas are inversley related
heliocentric sun is center
hypothesis possible expanation
scientific method step-by-step process of discovery
gravity force that keeeps planets in orbit around the sun
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