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Islam Unit Part 2

What is a Caliph? A title that Muslims use for the highest leader of Islam. The successor to the previous leader.
Who was the first Caliph? Abu Bakr - Not religious leader, only political and military.
What is a pilgrimage? A religious/holy journey.
How were Baghdad and Cordoba similar? Both were centers of learning and culture, both were capitals at one point, both economies were built on agriculture and trading.
What is the most important difference between the Sunni and Shia Muslims? Shia thought that caliphs had to be related to Muhammad. Sunni believed they could vote for caliphs, granted they were good Muslims.
This is the holiest place in Islam. Mecca. Located in present day Saudi Arabia.
Why did Muslim armies go to war and how did their agreements end the wars. They went to war with people who rejected or refused Islam but ended them with treaties that discriminated against non-Muslims. Ex-other religions had to pay a tax.
Islamic merchants spread Islam to what three regions of the world? North Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia)
Which group of Islam would be more likely to combine political and religious leadership? Why? Shia - They believe the caliph (highest form of political leader) should be related to Muhammad (prophet-one who speaks to god-religious)
This Muslim Empire started taking land from the Byzantine Christians in the mid 1200s and conquered Constantinople in 1453. The Ottoman Empire. Located in North Africa, parts of Europe, and the Middle East.
What man led the Ottomans into Constantinople in 1453 to defeat the Byzantines? What was his nickname? Mehmed II "the Conqueror"
What is a Janissary? A slave soldier converted to Islam.
What is a sultan? An Ottoman ruler
The Ottoman Empire reached its height under this sultan. Suleyman I "the Magnificent"
How did the Ottoman society divide society and govern their people? Into two classes: ruling class and other class. Ruling class had to be loyal to sultan, understand Ottoman customs, and practice Islam.
How did Ottoman society discriminate against women? Women had to live apart from men in an area of the house called a harem. This kept them out of social and political life. However, some wealthy women owned businesses or property.
How did the Safavid Empire conflict with the Ottoman Empire? Ottoman Empire followed Sunni customs while the Safavid followed Shia
As Shah of the Safavid Empire, this man Shiism the official religion of the empire. Esma'il. Started in 1501
This Muslim empire was located in the majority of India, bounded by the Himalayas in the North. The Mughal Empire. Known for their rich culture in poetry and architecture
How did Akbar regulate government in the Mugal Empire? He adopted a religious tolerant policy, where invited Hindus and non-Muslims to live peacefully together. He lifted all taxes against non-Muslims.
What piece of architecture is the Mughal Empire most known for? The Taj Mahal located in Agra, India. Built between 1631-1647. It was built as a great tomb for Shah Jahan's wife.
Created by: MrNess
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