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SS Explorers Beginne

SS Explorers Beginner

First European to Asia in 1400s by land Marco Polo
Discovered Cape of Good Hope Dias
First European to India da Gama
First European to New England Cabot
First European to South American Coast Vespucci
Discovered Brazil Cabral (Cabrazil)
First European to discover the Pacific Ocean Balboa
Discovered Florida Ponce de Leon
Conquered Mexico Cortes (Cortexico)
First to sail around the world (died in the Philippines) Magellan (his ship made it back home)
Conquered Peru Pizarro
Discovered North America's southeast de Soto
Discovered North America's southwest Coronado
Discovered Great Lakes and Quebec Champlain
Discovered Hudson River, Hudson Bay in northeast North America Hudson
Crop that brought slaves to US? Tobacco
First leg of triangle trade? Manufactured goods to AFR from EUR (guns)
Second leg of triangle trade? Slaves from AFR to AME
Second leg of triangle trade called? Middle Passage
Third leg of triangle trade? AME sending raw materials to EUR
Most African slaves were __________ of war Prisoners (POW)
What is a mestizo? A person with both native and Spanish blood.
Why didn't the English blend with the natives like the Spanish did? English came as settlers, not as explorers. Most English brought their wives and families, so they didn't intermarry much with the natives.
How many people died in the Middle Passage? 2 million
How many Africans were enslaved during the slave trade? 10 million
What impact did the slave trade have on Africa in the long run? Many families and communities were destroyed. A lot of men were taken away making communities weak. Today, many problems in Africa can be traced back to the slave trade.
What is an absolute monarch? A king or queen that has all the power.
What is divine right? The right to rule given by God. It means that if someone goes against the king, they are going against God.
Who was known as the Sun King of France? Louis XIV (14th)
Why was Louis XIV known as the Sun King? He said he was the source of light for his people.
Which king is the best example of an absolute monarch? Louis XIVI (14th)
What country was Louis XIV (14th) from? France
People from which continent benefited the most from the slave trade? Europe
How did Louis XIV (14th) leave France? Bankrupt
Where was Louis' palace? Versailles, 10 miles outside Paris
Which queen paid for Shakespeare to write and perform plays? Elizabeth
What book did Miguel Cervantes write? Don Quixote
1. Why did Galileo go on trial? Who brought charges against him? Believed in heliocentric universe. Catholic Church. Gal recanted.
2. Who was the first to come up with a geocentric universe? What is geocentric? Ptolemy/Earth-centered/
4. Who was the first to come up with a heliocentric universe? What does heliocentric mean? Copernicus/sun-centered
3. Name two reasons the Church didn't like Galileo’s ideas about the universe. Earth not at center = ppl not important. Bible puts ppl as most important.
4. Who discovered gravity? Isaac Newton
8. Who said “I think, therefore I am.”? Descartes (DAY CART) – I am only alive in my mind.
9. In your own words, describe rationalism. Using reason to solve problems.
10. What is the scientific method? Who came up with it? Systematic steps of analyzing data/Bacon
11. What was the Enlightenment? Using the scientific method to solve social problems
12. Why is Diderot important in history? Invented Encyclopedia
14. What is the social contract and who came up with it? Rousseau/ gov takes care of the ppl, ppl allow gov to rule
15. What was Mary Wollstonecraft known for? What did she argue for? First modern feminist/equal education for women
Which philosopher thought that people were generally good? Locke
Which philosopher thought that people were generally selfish? Hobbes
Today, if someone follows the ideas of Hobbes, we call them... Conservatives
Today, if someone follows the ideas of Locke, we call them... Liberals
Which philosopher came up with the three branches of government? Montesquieu
Which philosopher came up with the scientific method? Bacon
What did Mary Wollstonecraft think was the solution to inequalities based on gender? Equal education for boys and girls
What is deism? The belief that God set the Earth in motion and walked away. Thinking God is not worried about our everyday lives. Like a watchmaker.
Who was Voltaire? A deist that criticized the Church publicly.
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