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Dodgens Mid-Term

Charlegme the greatest emperor of the Franks
William the Conquerer A leader in northern France; defeated the English for the last time
Magna Carta & Significance most celebrated document in UK history: 1) place clear limits on Royal Power 2) prevent the king from collecting taxes 3) assured freedom the righ to trial by jury
Charles Martel Frankish leader who eliminated the muslim threat
Richard I "richard the liion hearted" gained control of jerusalem in the third crusade
Marin Luther Started the lutherian church teachings : 1)salvation comes from faith 2) all people of faith are equal 3) teachings come directly from the bible
John calvin Carried on after luther and spoke about predestination and presbyterian
presbyterian John Knox a student of Calvin took histeaching back to Scottland to create his own church
Pope Paul III reformed the catholic church
4 Noble truths 1) life is filled w/ suffering & sorrow 2) the cause of all suffering is wanting secular pleasure 3) to end all suffering, you have to end all desire 4) follow the eightfold path to end desire
Phillip II inherited Spain, Spanish netherlands & American colonies
Weaking of Spain 1)inflation 2)money leaving Spain 3)loss of netherlands
Absoutism in France Phillip wanted complete control of France
edict of Nantes gave france religous tolerance
Hugenots french tolerance
Intedants tax collectors
Louis XIV strongest king of his time; weakend obles authority
Jean Baptise Colbert minister of finace for Luois XIV
Oliver Comwell A puritan general and beheaded Charles I
glourious revolution bloodless overthrow of James II because he was catholic
Habeass Corbus gave prisoners rights
Created by: ariel.i.dunham