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World history

Monotheistic The belief in one god.
Polytheistic The belief in more than One god.
Peninsula A piece on of land surrender by water in three directions.
Bard A story teller.
Colony A group of people living in a new territory.
Polis A Greek city state.
Agora A gathering place.
Tyrant A ruler over all who has no rules.
Oligarchy A small group that controls the government.
Democracy A government that is controlled by the people.
Helots Slaves in Sparta
Ephor A high ranked government guy In Sparta who was elected by the council of elders.
Satrapies Territory governed by satrap.
Satrap A governor of ancient Persia.
Zoroastrianism The Persian belief in one god.
Silt Fertile soil.
Surplus Extra stuff.
Ziggurat A temple.
Scribe A writer.
Provinces A territory that is a country
Nebuchadnezzar Famous for the hanging garden of Babylon
Astronomer Studies stars and planets.
Shadoof A stick with a basket on the end used for scooping water
Papyrus A plant used for making paper.
Delta A area in the shape of a fan with fertile soil.
Cataract Rapids
Dynasty Rulers from one family.
Bureaucrat A government official
Embalming Treating a body so it wouldn't decaying
History The study of the past.
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