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Bible Midterm

Alexa's 9th Grade Year

What are the 3 P's of the Freedom from sin. Penalty, Power & Presence
Who does the saving? God alone
What saves us? Fearing God, Giving elms & Praying
According to Phillip, What can not save us? Baptism
1 John was written so that... We may know that we have eternal life & That we may believe in Jesus.
What is the first step in the recording process of the Bible? Inspiration
What is the term that refers to the divine unveiling of truth? Revelation
What does that Bible claim to have? Divine inspiration & authority
Means that the Bible is Holy & completely inspired Plenary
In 2 Timothy 3:16, The Bible claims to be what? Inspired by God
The main thing in the Bible is... Man is helpless to save himself
In Gal 1:12, Paul received the Bible he preached from who? Jesus
In 2 Peter 1:21, The men who wrote the Bible were moved by who? Holy Spirit
In the gospel of John, Christ foretold the inspiration of A. the gospels, B. the epistles, or C. the book of Revelation. All of the above
How many messianic prophecies were fulfilled by Christ? 300
InnActs 28:25, The one who really authorized the book of Isaiah is who? The Holy Spirit
The old testament prophet foretold that Christ would be born in bethlehem Micah
Hindrance to answered prayer in Proverbs 28:9 is... Not listening to the law
Hindrance to answered prayer in James... unbelief
Matthew 6:5, what was wrong with those who pray on street corners? They were just praying to be seen by others
What is the problem in James 4:3? Asking God for things with the wrong motives
Hindrance to answered prayer in Mat. 6:7... Repeating phrases w/out answered meaning
T/F We only have a few fragments of some of the original manuscripts of the books of the Bible F
T/F We have 643 manuscripts copies of the iliad & 1000 copies of the Bible F
T/F Just because the Bible refers 2 other books does not mean that they are inspired by God T
T/F Statements in the NT show that Christ accepted copies of the OT. T
T/F If God cared enough to write a book for us, he also cared enough to preserve it T
T/F Mans real problems are their outward ones F
T/F the only person qualified to tell about the creation is God T
T/F We know that Jesus believed in the authority of scripture b/c it can not be broken T
what exposes us mirror
what transforms us mirror
what reveals the glory & grace of God lamp
what shines in the darkness lamp
what guides us lamp or mirror
what cleanses life water
what sustains life & growth water
what produces the fruit of converts, character, & conducts water
what is powerful in creation & conviction sword
what is sharp sword
what is alive sword
what breaks down idols hammer
what is needed b/c mens hearts are stoney hammer
what trims away the rough spots in our lives hammer
what purifies the heart & life fire
what destroys God's haters fire
what is precise & valuable to believers gold
what is perfect & eternal seed
what reminds us of why God gets the glory seed
what is God is the one who harvests the souls seed
What is to liberate, to deliver, to heal or to set free salvation
What is changing one's mind regarding a matter repentance
What is God's giving us a new and divine life; being born again regeneration
What is acceptance and complete reliance upon faith
What is through Christ, sinners are restored to friendship or harmony with God reconciliation
What is our sins were put away thru the shedding of Christ's blood remission
What is Christ paid the price of His blood to purchase us from death unto life redemption
What is thru Christ God declares sinners to be righteous justification
What is expressing gratitude to God for his blessings and benefits thanksgiving
What is the act of expressing gratitude to God for His blessings and benefits adoration
What is requests for church leaders, political leaders, my enemies, the last and personal reasons supplication
What is naming sins of the mind, eyes, ears, mouth, hands & feet confession
What is an agreement between two individuals or groups convenant
What is the first five books of the Bible which were written by Moses, it is also known as the Pentateuch or the Law Torah
What is the prophetic books of the Old Testament Nebiim
What is a collection of 13 Old Testament books containing the poetic books, the "five scrolls", and the historic books Ketubim
What contains five books of the Old Testament which were read a lout at various Jewish festivals; also known as the "five scrolls" Megilloth
What is the agreement recorded in the Old Testament that God made with the nation of Israel making them His people Old Covenant
What literally means "good news;" the name given to the four books of the New Testament which portray the person and work of Jesus Christ Gospels
What letters of the New Testament written to explain and apply the truth about Jesus Christ to Christian living Epistles
What is a collection of 66 Bible books which God has inspired Canon
What are books written during the period between the Old and New Testaments which are not inspired by God and not accepted into the canon Apocrypha
What is a Greek translation of the Old Testament; this translation was used by Jesus and many others in the first century Septuagint
What related to the apostles or having their authority or approval Apostolic
What is God's guidance of all things in nature and human history according to his plans providence
Who is a person who hand copied and studied the OT scriptures? scribe
What is the copying and passing down of biblical manuscripts thru history transmission
How the difficulty of prayer is seen in Luke 11:1 The disciples had to ask for instructions
What is prayer Communion with God
Shows prayer involves worship of God "Hallowed be your name"
Shows prayer involves asking God for needs Give us our daily bread
In whose power do we pray Holy Spirit
To whom shall we pray God the Father
Shows prayer involves confession of sin "Forgive us our sins"
In whose name should we pray Jesus Christ
How the difficulty of prayer is seen in Romans 8:26 We need the Spirits help
Created by: bgpalmers
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