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Asia Test

study guide for test

The mountain range that protected China from the south? The Himalayan Mountains
A nation the bordered China to the north? The Mongols,Mongolia
What nations did China trade with? India,Arabia,Africa,Japan,Philippines
A river that provided rice farming in the south? Chang river
When a dynasty is chosen by heaven? Mandate of heaven
A dynasty that fell of corruption,food shortages,and nomadic invasions. Han Dynasty
Chinese belief on education and Mortality? Confucianism
A Chinese Belief blended with Confucianism in order to live in peace and Harmony. Daoism
3 types of people to work in the dynasties Bureaucracy. Aristocrats,Scholars,Foreiners
Wealthy people chosen by dynasties to help run the governments? Aristocrats
Test people had to take to work in the government? Civil Service exam
A Chinese philosopher whose teachings became basis in China? Confucious
A term that means a development of a city? Urbanization
What caused cities to develop in China? Trade
Name 3 Chinese advancements? paper Money,Compass,gunpowder
The original founder of the Mongol Empire? Genghis Khan
How far did the Mongol empire stretch? From China to southwest Asia
A famous European explorer who traveled the silk road and met with Kublai Khan? Marco Polo
The dynasty that overthrew the mongols? Ming
Why were the royal buildings called the Forbidden City Commoners and foreigners were not allowed
What was rebuilt and created to protect the Ming capital of Beijing from Mongols? Great Wall of China
What factors led to the decline of the Ming Dynasty? high taxes,weak rulers,and poor rice harvest.
Created by: echillith