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Powerpoint 10B 10C

Powerpoint 10B and 10C

What are the basics of the Resurrection? The resurrection is central to Christian faith, There are no eyewitness accounts of the event itself and the resurrection remains a point of faith and a "mystery"
What is the Resurrection? About the physical body (for Christ and for us). It's more than "spiritual" or return to mortality, or "life as we known it". A transition from mortal life, through physical death, to a new different, spiritual form of bodily life.
What misunderstandings of the Resurrection to the Christian teaching? That it's a resuscitation, reanimation or a reincarnation?
Define resuscitation Restoration of person from unconsciousness or apparent death to the same earthly life/body
Define reanimation Rejoining of an earthly body with the same soul (or new soul?) after a temporary separation
Define Reincarnation The rebirth or migration of a soul into new and different but still physical and mortal body (common idea in some Eastern religions)
What is the Ascension? 1. The necessary consequence of resurrection 2. The heavenly transformation of his existence 3. A life beyond the mortal and sinful limits we experience 4. Makes possible a deeper faith and the work of the Holy Spirit within us
What does Jesus direct the disciples to do during His "forty days" of appearance? He directs them to wait in Jerusalem for the "promise of the Father"-baptism in the Holy Spirit
How do we known when to celebrate the Ascension? This event will be on the Pentecost (Ascension is ten days prior to that; 40 days after Easter)
What does Jesus say will happen after his departure? Jesus speaks of a baptism with the Holy Spirit that will happen, and the "promise of the Father"
What are some misunderstandings of the Ascension? Jesus'; body floating in space, Jesus' spirit leaving His body, Jesus living, Jesus living up above the clouds and not a "myth": based in "fact"
What are some other ascensions in religious history? 1. Enoch, the seventh Patriarch does not die, but is "taken" by God 2. Elijiah, the story of "assumption" of the prophet Elijah, taken to heaven on a fiery chariot 3. Mohammed: for Muslims, he ascended from Jerusalem
What are the Glorious Mysteries? 1. The Resurrection- Jesus rises from the dead 2. The Ascension- Jesus ascends to the Father 3. The Pentecost- the spirit descends on the disciples 4. The Assumption of M- Mary taken up to heaven 5. The Coronation of M- Mary becomes queen of creation
What was the Pentecost originally? A Jewish religious holiday, 50 days from Passover feast and celebrates giving of law to Moses
How did the Holy Spirit become manifest on the Pentecost? There was a gust of wind. "Tongues of fire" were on each disciple. They were speaking in other tongues- ability to communicate (applied to Jews only here)
Tell about the story of Babel of how it compares to the Pentecost? They are self-empowered in speaking one language. Humans desire to make themselves God (pride) God descends to humble them, and they cannot understand eachother
Pentecost They are God-empowered in speaking in many languages. God makes Himself present to humans. (grace) God descends to empower them, and they can understand each other.
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