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Human Legacy Ch. 9.1

Reform Act of 1833 increased the amount of eligible voters
Micheal Sadler he wrote about the harsh conditions of child labor
liberal leader William Gladstone
Chartism universal suffrage for men
dominion a self-governing colony
conservative leader Benjamin Disraeli
conservative want to keep traditions of the past
what did Disraeli do for voting rights he put forth a new reform bill that gave voting to working men and women, but he was unsuccessful
the monarch of the British empire from 1837 to 1901 Queen Victoria
characteristics of Victoria strict values, devoted wife, did not support women's suffrage
founder of WSPU Emmeline Pankhurst
what did the WSPU do fought for women's suffrage by using violence; some of the WSPU members were arrested
Victorian Era Queen Victoria's rule, voting reforms, time of great change in Britain
suffrage right to vote, women fought to retrieve it, women were not granted it in full until 1928