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Suicidal Risk Assessment/Behaviors

Suicide attempts/successful patient correlation with healthcare providers ? * • 2/3 of committed suicides were by people who had been to a (non-mental-health) healthcare provider in the past month
Usual incidence/highest/lowest places where suicide occurs and sex breakdown ? •Highest incidence are in the breakup countries of the previous USSR •Lowest is in Africa •Higher rate in males •More men complete attempt, but more women attempt
Highest correlation is with ? * someone in depression
Suicide and causes of death ranks among young and old ? * 3rd leading cause of death from 15-38 y/o * Adults >38, 8th for male and 14th for females for causes of death---they usu have some illness (cancer, etc.)
Best Predictor to detect someone at risk to commit suicide ? * a previous attempt/past behavior
Suicide Risk Assessment mnemonic ? *** I-I-P-S-L-A-W*** • Ideation • Intention • Plan • Specificity of plan • Lethality • Availability • What is stopping them?
How to prevent/Tmt ? * Contracting an agreement they seek help, but if they won'w, and seem dangerous, then involuntarily admit them to a clinic * If patient mentions the word suicide, a psych eval is needed
Created by: thamrick800