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CQLC Med Term II

Blood System Ch 3

hematocytoblast immature blood cell
hemoglobin blood protein
megakaryocyte large nucleus cell
plasmapheresis removal of plasma
monocyte one cell
leukocyte white cell
agglutinogenic production of agglutinin
eosinopenia deficient or low eosinophils
erythrocyte red blood cell
leukoblast immature white blood cell
phagocyte eating or devouring cell
thrombocyte blood clotting cell
anemia without or lacking blood
erythropenia deficiency of red blood cells
hemochromatosis condition of color in/of the blood
hemolysis blood destruction
hemophilia attraction to blood
leukemia white blood cell condition
poikilocytosis condition of irregular cells
myeloblast immature bone marrow
agglutin(o) agglutinin
eosino eosinophil
erythr(o) red
hemo blood
hemat(o) blood
leuk(o) white
phag(o) eating;devouring
thromb(o) blood clot
hemostasis stoppage maintaining of blood/bleeding
erythrocytometer instrument for counting red blood cells
thrombolysis destruction of a blood clot
erythralgia painful (skin) redness
hemotoxin blood poisoning
anti against
macro large
a without
an without
leuko white
poikilo irregular
thrombo blood clot
co together
hemo blood
myelo bone marrow, spinal
lysis destruction, destroy
phlebotomy cut into, incision into a vein
phago eating, swallowing, devouring
cyte cell
erythro red
eosin rosy, red
trans through, across
granulo granular
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