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History Midterm

World History Exam Review

True or False: Muhammad was born in Mecca True
True or False: The head of an Arab tribe is called a vizier False
True or False: According to Muslim teachings, Muhammad received revelations from God through the angel Gabriel True
True or False: The crusades were effectively ended by Saladin when he gained control of Egypt and took the offensive against the Christian states True
True or False: One of the first leaders of the Mongols was Genghis Khan True
True or False: The Quran taught that women had no social or spiritual rights False
True or False: An Islamic man can have no more than one wife False
True or False: Sailors observing the stars with astrolabes were able to determine their ship's location True
True or False: The Roman body of law, known as the "Law of Nations," applied only to the patricians False
True or False: The Romans suffered a serious defeat against Hannibal at Cannae True
True or False: A dictator is a ruler with absolute power True
True or False: The Roman emperor Nero committed suicide True
True or False: The Romans adopted Christianity as their official religion under Theodosius the Great True
True or False: Constantine called Constantinople "New Rome" True
A _______ is a form of gov. in which the leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have the right to vote Republic
A select group of about three hundred patricians who served for life was ___ The Roman Senate
The first dictator of Rome was ___ Julius Ceaser
How did Julius Caesar die? Assassinated
The ________ was a period of peace and prosperity that lasted almost a hundred years Pax Romana
The "golden age of Latin literature," was______ The Augustan Age
Where did Muhammad meditate when he became troubled by the gap between the honesty of most Meccans and the greediness of trading elites in the city in the hills
What is the law code that provides believers with a set of practical laws to regulate their daily lives Shari'ah
Islam split into two groups ____ Shiites and Sunnis
The Umayyad dynasty was replaced by who? The Abbasids
Technological developments during which dynasty was gunpowder Tang
During the tang dynasty ______ was a technological development Gunpowder
Because of trade, The city of Changan became _______ The wealthiest city in the world
The Mongols were led by who? Genghis Khan
The mongols created what kind of empire? The largest empire
People who were used for protecting the security and property of their employers were ____ Samurais
Seeing Buddhism as a "Way of Life" is ________ Theravada
Ruler of a Mongol state based in Samarkand Timur Lenk
First Christian emperor Constantine
This proclaimed the official tolerance of Christianity Edict of Milan
The _______ were the first INVADERS to sack Rome Visigoths
Early development of Rome was most influenced by the ________ Etruscans
This body of law was one of Rome's chief gifts to later generations Law of Nations
The ___ Triumvirate was made up of Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar First
Under this emperor Rome adopted Christianity as its official religion Theodosius the Great
Military and Political reforms of Diocletian and Constantine enhanced the ____ and civil service institutions. But it drained most of the ______ _____. Army Public Funds
Wrote the "Rubaiyat" Omar Khayyám
Crucial part of every Muslim city or town was the _____, which was a covered market. Bazaar
During the Abbasid dynasty, the council that advised the caliph was led by a prime minister known as a(n) _________. Vizier
One of the 5 Pillars of Islam. Pilgrimage to _____ was known as ______. Mecca Hajj
Muhammad is ___ _______ __ _____. The Prophet of Allah
For Muslims, obeying Allah's will means following ___ ____ _______ __ _____. The Five Pillars of Islam
In the Quran, fair, defensive war is called _____, which means "struggle in the way of God" Jihad
In addition to the 5 Pillars, Muslims must obey the ________ which forbids them to gamble, drink alcohol, or engage in dishonest behavior shari'ah
General _________ was known for using force only when neccessary Mu'awiyah
Nomadic Arabs who lived in the desert rather than in towns Bedouins
Journey of Muhammad and his followers to Madinah Hijrah
Chief Islamic religious authority Caliph
"Holder of Power" Sultan
Wrote medical encyclopedia that stressed contagious nature of diseases Ibn-Sina
Muslim Philosopher Ibn-Rushd
Muslim "crier" who calls Muslims to pray five times a day Muezzin
Most famous section of the Great Mosque of Samarra Minaret
Muhammad's wife Khadijah
"City of the Prophet" Madinah
Successor to Muhammad Abu Bakr
Replaced the Umayyads Abbasids
Created by a 9th century Iranian mathematician Algebra
Perfected by the Muslims; later helped European sailors Astrolabe
14th Century Islamic place in Grenada, Spain Alhambra
What are the five pillars of Islam? Beliefs Prayer Charity Fasting Hajj
Muhammad's Son-in-law 1st Caliph Successor of Muhammad He Led Jihads Helped with spread of Islam religion He came to office because Muhammad didn't have a next of kin so he was appointed. Made Medina Capitol Abu Bakr
The Kamakura shogunate and a masssive typhoon contributed to the failure of ______ ____ invasion in Japan in 1281 Kublai Khan
In Tang and song eras, old landed aristocracy was replaced by the ______________ as the political and economic elite of Chinese Society Scholar- Gentry
Emperor Tan Xuanzang is remembered for his devotion to the __________ ________. Commoner's daughter
Who established the Mongol Empire Genghis Khan (Temujin)
What's Genghis Khans' real name Temujin
Strict law code samurai lived by that was based on loyalty to the samurai's lord Bushido
________ saw Buddhism as a religion, not philosophy, with Buddha as diving figure Mahayana
Genghis Khans' grandson was ______ ____ Kublai Khan
Kublai Khan established the ____ dynasty Yuan
What preceded the Tang dynasty Sui Tang Song
Established after Chinese rule was overthrown Dai Viet
Trule ruler of Japan Shogun
Hindu warriors who resisted the advance of Ghazni Rajputs
3 of the 5 states that were formed in SE Asia Thailand Burma Vietnam
launched a building program that turned Rome into a city Etruscans
less wealthy landholders, craftspeople, merchants, and small farmers Plebians
A gov. by three people with equal power Triumvirate
Committed suicide after being defeated by Octavian Anthony and Cleopatra
head of the Roman Family Paterfmailias
Favored cooperation with the Romans Sadducees
Made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire Theodosius the Great
German tribe that sacked Rome Vandals
Deposed by Germanic head of the army, marking the fall of the Western Roman Empire Romulus Augustulus
Form of gov. in which the leader isn't a monarch and certain people can vote Republic
Great landowners who became Rome's ruling class Patricians
assassinated by a group of leading senators Julius Caesar
First Roman Emperor Augustus
Author of the Aeneid Virgil
Gladiator who led a massive slave revolt Spartacus
What proclaimed official tolerance of Christianity Edict of Milan
Man who believed the Roman Empire was too large for a single leader Diocletian
Punic War: 23 Years long Rome VS Carthage _____ Triumvirate First
Punic War: Hannibal Battle of Cannae 46,000 troops ______ Triumvirate Second
Punic War: 50 Years later Completely destroyed Carthage Took everyone as slaves _____ Triumvirate Third
Under Germanic law, if an accused person was unharmed after a physical trial, or ______, he or she was presumed innocent Ordeal
______ ________ founded a community of monks that established the basic form of monasticism in the Catholic Church Saint Benedict
The ____________ ___________ was a revival of lea Carolingian Renaissance
The _______ were made part of European Civilization by their Frankish policy of settling them and converting them to Christianity Vikings
The most important gift a lord could give to a vassal was feif or _____ __ ____. Piece of Land
________ was a code of ethics that knights were supposed to uphold Chivalry
In 1066, William of Normandy invaded ________, soundly defeating King Harold's forces at the Battle of _________ England Hastings
The ______ ______ was a document that eventually was used to strengthen the idea that a monarch's power was limited, not absolute Magna Carta
_______ led the Muslim forces to retake Jerusalem from the crusaders Saladin
Under early Germanic law, a wrongdoer had to pay _______, or "money for a man," to the family of the person he injured or kiled Wergild
Gregory I, aka _______ ___ _____ strengthened the power of the papacy and the Roman Catholic Church Gregory the Great
At the heart of feudalism was __________, which meant warriors swore loyalty to a lord, who in turn took care of their needs Vassalage
The ______ _______ was a set of unwritten rules that determined the relationship between a lord and his vassal Feudal Contract
While the lord was at way or court, management of his estate fell to "the lady of the ______." Castle
The ________ ___ was the first census since Roman times Domesday Book
Justinians's codification of Roman law resulted in ___ _____ __ ____ ___. The body of Civil Law
A man who separates himself from ordinary society in order to pursue a life of dedication to God is a _____ Monk
People sent out to carry a religious message were ___________ Missionaries
Monks copied the scripture and Latin classics in rooms called ___________ Scriptorias
Knights showed their fighting skills in contests called ____________ Tournaments
In 1215, at Runnymeade, King John signed a document of rights called the ______ ______ Magna Carta
The separation between the E. Orthodox and the Catholic Church of the W. was called a ______ Schism
The European Christians called the Muslims of the Holy Land ________, or unbelievers Infidels
Amount of money paid by a criminal to the family of the person he had killed or injured Wergild
German noble who acted as the king's representative in a certain local area Count
Strengthened the power of the papacy (person) Gregory I
The heart of Feudalism Vassalage
The grant of land made to a vassal Fief
First census since Roman times Domesday Book
Created the first French parliament Phillip IV
Codified Roman law, Resulting in The Body of Civil Law Justinian
Means of determining guilt under Germanic law Ordeal
Founded a community of monks that became the model for Roman Catholic monasticism Benedict
Created the Carolingian Empire Charlemagne
Norsemen of Scandinavia Vikings
A man who served a lord in a military capacity Vassal
Heavily armored cavalry soldier Knight
Gave written recognition to the mutual rights and obligations between kings and vassals Magna Carta
Won the Battle of Hastings William of Normandy
Led the Muslim forces during the Third Crusade Saladin
Important document signed in England in 1215 by King John that protected the rights of the people and reduced the power of the king is? It led to the English parliament. Magna Carta
The First Democracy was __________ and it was similar to our congress English Parliament
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